About SSU

The Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa felt the need for creating a Strategic Support Unit to deliver and build upon the agenda of the present government in ensuring good governance and social services provision in meeting the needs of the public in key sectors (Health, Education, Local Government, Energy and Signature projects of the provincial Government). With this in view a small dedicated unit has been established in October 2015 in the Chief Ministers secretariat. With the objective of facilitating and monitoring the status of on-going and proposed interventions, with a view to ensuring that key government priorities are met.


The Unit liaises with Line Departments and implementation agencies in Five Key areas, namely ⦁ Education ⦁ (ii) Health ⦁ Local Government ⦁ Energy ⦁ Chief Minister’s special initiatives. Reporting to the Chief Minister through the Principal Secretary, the SSU focuses on ensuring that: ⦁ Existing aspirations (from the government) are translated into prioritised set of goals, targets and action plans. ⦁ The relevant department (s) are provided consistent problem solving support so as to ensure that on-time progress is made against agreed upon action plans. ⦁ Requisite routines including periodic reviews with the Chief Minister and senior government leadership are undertaken so as to give an independent overview of progress and ensure that corrective action (s) are taken to put plans back on track where and when required. ⦁ To ensure that in the longer term, the KP government can independently drive progress forward. The overarching priorities of the government are articulated in a number of policy documents and implementation frameworks published by the Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa including the Strategic Partnership Development Framework (SPDF), the Integrated Delivery Strategy (IDS) and Reclaiming Prosperity in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa – a medium term strategy for inclusive growth.


⦁ The relevant line departments will not report to the Unit but will remain accountable for implementation. The Unit will facilitate their work by providing problem solving and analytical support. ⦁ For the five priorities a set of prioritised goals and targets and detailed operational plans to ensure delivery are being devised for each department. ⦁ To ensure that there is a set of performance management routines that is instituted and followed, including periodic stocktakes at the department level with the Chief Minister and senior government leadership. ⦁ A performance management mechanism will be instituted with routines devised on behalf of the unit with office of the Chief Minister, including data collection mechanisms, stocktakes and monthly reports on progress