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Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pervez Khattak announced a separate district Upper Chitral .........

Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pervez Khattak announced a separate district Upper Chitral administratively separating the sprawling district Chitral into Upper Chitral and Lower Chitral in a huge public gathering during his day long visit to District Chitral. He dispelled the propaganda against the new district adding that his actions and steps would speak loudly in the public interest, he added. He said the people overwhelmed by the charismatic leadership of Imran Khan showed the corrupt ruling elite the door. None in the political arena, except Imran Khan challenged the corrupt rulers and therefore Imran Khan had the audacity to lead this hapless nation giving justice to the poor, revamping the public sectors institutions for efficient delivery and bringing overall prosperity for the people, he added. He was addressing a mammoth public gathering at Polo Ground Chitral. Chairman PTI and others addressed the gathering. PTI Central Secretary General Jehangir Tareen and others spoke on the occasion. Pervez Khattak in his thought provoking speech termed the loot and plunder, corruption and nepotism as the root causes of all the wrongs and ills in the country. In view of the prevailing wrongs in the country, giving justice to the poor, reforming the institutions and thinking of prosperity would continue to be a “far cry” in the country, he added. He said that poor continued to be on the receiving end. The political forces deceived the people in the previous elections and gave a manifesto and the people kept on searching the manifesto of political parties after elections. The dacoits in the grab of politicians plundered the national resources but that should be the history as the people started realizing to distinguish between their friends and foes, he added. He said PTI emerged the sole political force following its manifesto and reviving the collapsed institutions. He regretted that the corrupt political elite who were responsible for the bane of institutions were now again out there to deceive the people with different slogans. He drew a comparison of his government’s delivery and the delivery of previous rulers adding that his governance made a big difference and was about to take Pakistan to touch the highest of high in governance improving the standard of delivery in all disciplines of governance and life after the coming elections when Imran Khan would be leading Pakistan, he added. Pervez Khattak appreciated Imran Khan for single handedly leading the people to challenge the corrupt ruling elite and it was because of his sincere leadership that the people got rid of the corrupt elite. Our efforts were geared up for good governance and corruption free delivery through a transparent system and we would show him that his government laid the foundation for a new Pakistan in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, he added. Chief Minister reminded the audience that heads of both the parties (PML-N and PPP) were proven dacoits and in their presence, the people could never become prosperous. We are to lead the way to track our country on road-to-development and therefore we have to stand up against the corrupt system, he added. He asked the people to be aware of the looters and plunders and never try them again. His government, he added, had a one-point agenda to change the rusty system with the new system for efficient delivery and he made reforms to have an efficient system deliverable in consonance with the people’s aspirations. When he took over, the entire schooling system had collapsed. He ensured the presence of teachers and covered up the missing facilities. He introduced English as a medium of education, right from primary so that the poor could compete with the rich for better future prospects, he added. Pervez Khattak said that the province was ruled by MMA but it did nothing for Islamization in the province. His government, he added, introduced Nazira Quran along with translation in the schooling system. It ensured efficient healthcare to the people, provided doctors and equipments in the healthcare units and introduced Sehat Insaf Card for the free healthcare of the poor. 14 lac cards had been distributed and another 10 lac was being distributed this year from December. Chief Minister said that police was depoliticized and now the force had a dedicated and allocative responsibilities to focus on their professional duties. Pervez Khattak said his government had earlier announced Darosh as a Tehsil which had been notified and the new district of Upper Chitral would be notified soon. He said that Gilgit to Chitral road has become a part of the CPEC and the provincial government was working on hydel power generation projects in Chitral for the production of 1400 megawatt of electricity and his government has already made an agreement with FWO for the laying down of transmission lines. FWO under the agreement would work on three projects for production of 600 megawatt of electricity and another 1200 megawatt of electricity projects were being implemented within the Chinese companies that would herald a better future for Chitral, he added. He assured rescue service 1122 in Chitral within two months adding that the provincial government had given compensation worth crores of rupees for the flood victims adding that work on the Reshun Hydel Power project costing Rs. 55 crores was in full swing. 2750 houses were converted on solar energy and work was going on 55 megawatt of electricity through micro hydel power projects. He reminded to have given Rs. 3 billion to the affectees of flood and earthquake and announced a new playground and park in Chitral. He reminded that two tehsils grounds Darosh and Booni had already been constructed. Earlier, the Chief Minister and Chairman PTI was briefed by DC Chitral about different developmental schemes. The Chief Minister directed to extend tourism policing in Chitral replicating the Swat model. He assured taking all out efforts for the promotion of tourism in Chitral. He also inaugurated Chitral Chamber of Commerce during his visit to Chitral. ======