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Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pervez Khattak has in principle agreed to the overall design of the regularization of the teaching employees recruited through NTS ....

Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pervez Khattak has in principle agreed to the overall design of the regularization of the teaching employees recruited through NTS in the education department and directed to include all such employees recruited through NTS or other such forums. It should also include IT related employees and others, in all departments throughout the province. Chief Minister approved the regularization design in a high level meeting, he presided over here today at the Chief Minister House Peshawar. Senior Provincial Minister for Local Government Inayatullah, Chief Secretary Azam Khan, IGP Salahuddin Mehsud and administrative secretaries attended. The meeting took for debate a two point agenda that included the regularization of teachers and other employees recruited through NTS, the upgradation of police officials and officials in other public sector departments and entities, the financial implications and the required approval at proper forum and the subsequent legislations for the regularization and made a number of decisions. The Chief Minister issued the required directives for both the regularization and the upgradation of different posts in all public sector departments and entities. The Chief Minister in his address to the participants of the meeting directed for a uniform and just approach in both the regularization and upgradation of employees adding his government would spend billions on the overall design of the regularization and upgradation. However, his government expects a matching efficiency from the public servants for the efficient services to the people. His government was giving more than their rights to the public sector employees and certainly this should be commensurate to the delivery on their part through enhanced efficiency, he added. He directed to bring a combined case for the regularization of teachers and other employees to the provincial cabinet for clearance in its next meeting. Regarding the upgradation of police and employees of other departments, the Chief Minister directed that the already finalized case of upgradation should be brought to the agenda of the provincial cabinet in its next sitting. However, he directed the concerned departments to prepare a consolidated case of upgradation of all departments with immediate focus on studying at O&M level of establishment department in order to support and approve a just and uniform formula for the upgradation of all employees. The case should not take more than ten days adding that he wanted to remove the disparity at serving level of all public sector institutions. Pervez Khattak reminded he wanted a structured serving system and formula giving maximum benefit to the public servants in order to enhance their motivational level to their dedicated services to the people. The structured system of services he hoped, would revamp the functions of the public sector entities and departments and their efficiency would lead to efficient services to the people. The Chief Minister directed to finalize everything for bringing a complete case to the cabinet which would be cleared at that forum and would be then put for legislation from the provincial assembly. The Chief Minister also directed to finalize the regularization of employees both of IT and projects continuous in nature and required for future support to the overall service delivery system and required for good and efficient governance in the province. He directed for a consolidated case for the upgradation of public sector employees. All the departments should be on board in the overall upgradation design as the government would go for one time legislation. He also asked for the proper service structure in order to ensure a just justice system protecting the rights of every employee in the province. Agreeing to the overall upgradation design, the Chief Minister directed the IGP to sit with the Chief Secretary for the finalization of upgradation of police employees of different grades. The provincial cabinet would clear the final consolidated case of the upgradation, he added. ====