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Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pervez Khattak has directed for a combined Independent Monitoring Unit (IMU) for both health and education sectors....

Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pervez Khattak has directed for a combined Independent Monitoring Unit (IMU) for both health and education sectors for improved monitoring and evaluation system, ensuring the presence of health and education staff in their respective institutions. The monitoring system of elementary education should be replicated to streamline both the health and higher education sectors, he added. He was presiding over the 4th stock take meeting on the reforms initiatives of Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in higher education here at Chief Minister Secretariat Peshawar. KP Minister for Higher Education Mushtaq Ghani, Head of Strategic Support Unit Sahibzada Saeed, Secretary Higher Education Zafar Ali Shah and others attended. The meeting was briefed about the proposed, urgent and decisive actions for strengthening of Bachelor of Science Program, strengthening of colleges, leadership and management training program, establishment of quality and governance support unit in higher education department, progress on the establishment of women university Mardan, installation of biometric system, initiatives under the KP Chief Minister Education Endowment Fund, transport facility for teaching staff. The meeting also reviewed the decisions of the 3rd Stock take. The Chief Minister agreed to the proposal of land acquisition for the women university Mardan and the identification of different spaces for it. He also agreed to different proposals under new BS classes in the public sector colleges and added that his government would go all out for the upgraded system of education in the province. He directed to widely publicize the decentralization of colleges and get the recommendations of all segments of the society. Presently, the noble intentions for the decentralization and giving autonomy to the public sector colleges were being criticized by the opponents for political gains. These wrong allegations were being leveled by the forces who drew their strength from the old rusty system of education which led the people nowhere and therefore the system of education did not upgrade to the level it should have been. In the given circumstances, the award of degree was a mere joke and the old system of education was understandably of no use, serving no purpose therefore his government decided to upgrade the system of education bring absolute dynamism with approved system of monitoring and evaluation so that the new system could start producing quality and educated youth to run the system and in the process bring improvement in all sectors. The Chief Minister directed for the extension of biometric system to all colleges throughout the province in order to ensure the presence of teachers adding that the absenteeism should be discouraged and the weaknesses in the upgraded system of education removed. Teachers willfully keeping themselves absent did not deserve to draw their salaries and therefore there should be a system to cut down their salaries for being absent, he added. He said his government wanted to overhaul the whole system of education where all should be efficient performers of their duties. The system of monitoring developed for the elementary education should be replicated, classes streamlined and the BS program promoted and even the students who are weak in their study should have a tuition facility in the evening, he added. He said that he would not allow anybody any concession at the cost of the future of students. He directed to link both education and health sectors to be monitored by an efficient and combined system. The upgraded system of education needed more attention as the government would spend on the strengthening of colleges, improving the labs, extensive training for teachers and leadership running the public sector colleges so that the program for the BS could be implemented. “Quality education is our target as we cannot allow deceiving the students”, he added. He said there should be no shortcomings, safarish or unnecessary interventions both from above and left right in the quality education. He reminded the government has already allocated the required resources to each college, decentralized the power and authority in order to bring dynamism to the overall system of education. He said that there was one aim behind the decentralization of power and authority to the colleges and that was to remove all obstacles and let the education system flourish that is the only way out to bring our educational system at par with the international standard, he concluded. =====