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Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pervez Khattak has said that the future wars would be fought on water disputes .

Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pervez Khattak has said that the water related issues with our neighbouring countries proved the experts true in their claims that the future wars would be fought on water disputes .He however regretted that our rulers were totally ignorant and desensitized to the importance of water conservation. The previous rulers failed to take steps for ensuring the availability of water in nook and corner of the country. “Water is the dominant source of life for nations and should have been an integral part of our internal and foreign policies”, he added. He was addressing as chief guest at the concluding session of water conference arranged jointly by Hissar Foundation and Asia Foundation at local hotel Peshawar. Besides the water experts from various public and private sector organizations, it was also addressed by Provincial Minister for Education Muhammad Atif Khan, VC Peshawar University, CEO of WSSP, DG North WAPDA and other high ups who highlighted the issues relating to draughts, water and food problems as well as underlined the need for comprehensive National Water Policy. Pervez Khattak while referring to the ever growing crises emanating in drinking and irrigation water sectors in various parts of the country including Khyber Pakhtunkhwa said that he was wondering to see that the rulers and custodians of the nation miserably failed in combating with such challenges. “Rulers have to foresee the continuous decrease in our water reservoirs and must pull the people from turmoil instead of pushing them into it”, he maintained. Adding that it must be first priority of our governments to educate and mobilize the people in cities and towns to protect the water resources and not to allow its wastage. He while appreciating the role of Hissar Foundation and Asia Foundation for sincere efforts in formulating the national water policy and undertaking research work in this regard assured that provincial government would not only consider its recommendations seriously but would extend all possible support to it in future too. He said that all the concerned departments, authorities and stakeholders including irrigation, public health, energy, local government, environment, communication & works departments were being instructed to adopt solid and practicable measures for stopping wastage of water resources, protecting the water reservoirs and working for drastic increase in it. Similarly, the network of small dams was also being expended throughout the province. Pervez Khattak said that the PTI led provincial government has taken two major steps to increase water resources. On one hand stringent steps were taken to check the wastage of water resources while on the other hand solid measures were also adopted for the maximum afforestation in the province especially in the areas facing dry spell or water logging and salinity. He recalled that his provincial government imposed complete ban on windfall trees without accepting any kind of pressure. The timber mafia was out to destroy precious forest wealth that harm our environment. He said that provincial government has successfully achieved its targets under billion-tree-tsunami that was in fact a key to improving the environmental conditions of the country. “Sincere efforts for improving our environment also led to increasing our water resources”, he added saying that provincial government had to make comprehensive legislations to bring the province on the right track. He said his government had to face prolonged litigations against the reforms by the opposing parties but provincial government even did not loose any case due to its sincerity. Chief Minister agreed with the viewpoint of water experts that the people could only be benefited from the fruits of these efforts by streamlining the works of all departments and sectors associated with environmental health and increasing water resources. He said his government would take effective steps in this regard as well. =========