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The Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pervez Khattak has said that the spirit of serving humanity among our youth was a good omen

The Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pervez Khattak has said that the spirit of serving humanity among our youth was a good omen. He regretted that there was world of difference between the thinking of our traditional politicians and that of youth. On the other hand, he added, the educated and conscious youth was a real asset of PTI and bright future of Pakistan. He said that our younger generation supported PTI for bringing about change in the outdated and rusty system of the country. “Pakistan Tehrik e Insaf led KP government laid solid foundation for a stable and prosperous Pakistan through reformation of the system in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa as per expectations of our youth”, he maintained. Pervez Khattak, however, reminded that Pakistan was replete with precious natural resources but the reason of our lagging behind in the race of development was corruption in the system that must be replaced. He was addressing different PTI joining ceremonies at Tangi Khattak Nowshera under Noor Welfare Society and another at Hujra of Laiq Shah in Manki Sharif. On these occasions, Councilor Islam Bahadur, Shakeel Gul, Mehdi Akbar, Murad Ali Khan, Noor Zaman, Anwar Khan, Akhtar Bahadur, Saeed and others at Tangi Khattak while Laiq Shah, Sahib Shah, Said Bux, Waqif Shah, Gul Rehman Khattak, Waahid and a number of other political activists at Manki Sharif formally announced joining PTI alongwith their supporters and family members on this occasions. The gatherings were also addressed by District Nazim Liaqat Khattak, Naib Nazim Ashfaq Khattak and other local elite. The Chief Minister welcomed the new comers in the party and especially appreciated the welfare activities of Noor Welfare Society that introduced culture of selflessly serving the humanity in the area. He said that the approach of the youth of today was quite different than the so-called politicians because our youth did not like hypocrisy. He said PTI revived the political awareness of the younger generation who played the front role in the struggle of PTI for change in the system. Pervez Khattak said that provincial government has ensured the supremacy of merit in the province because prosperity without merit is impossible. He said provincial government has brought about practical reforms in all social sectors and ensured transparency at all levels. He said the PTI led KP government has established such stable system that could ensure provision of due rights to all the deserving people and this is indeed a practical step towards the new Pakistan. Pervez Khattak said that the process of standardization and upgradation of schools all over the province was almost over. All required facilities were being provided to the poor children for quality education that was totally ignored in the past. A network of schools, colleges and universities was being spread in nook and corner of the province both for male and female students. Similarly, independent monitoring unit (IMU) has been set up to ensure attendance of both teachers and students that has started yielding positive results. He said that similar was case with health sector wherein historical steps were taken to improve healthcare in hospitals and health centres in rural and urban areas. He said sincere efforts were also made to wipe out our police and Patwar system from corruption and political intervention thus making it subservient to the masses in the real sense. He said the doors of corruption and nepotism were closed now. Chief Minister asked the youth to play due role in harvesting real fruits of these reforms and make the process of change durable. He said KP government has made record legislations to facilitate the masses to the maximum. He said that the nature has enriched our country with abundant resources and strategic geopolitical location. He said our nation was not less capable than any other country of the world but the corrupt system and selfish rulers did not allow this country to march ahead in race of development. He said that Pakistan needed a transparent and solid system to ensure its standing in the ranks of developed countries for which its institutions must be strengthened enough to serve the masses accordingly. He said that we cannot change the system for next so many decades without reformation of the society. He asked the people to keep vigilance on their surroundings and check all developmental process. He said all these resources were meant for the welfare of the masses and it must be used in transparent manner. Pervez Khattak assured that PTI led KP government would not let any individual to usurp rights of the people. He said that there would be no compromise on quality and transparency in the developmental works. He said PTI government introduced a new culture of transparent and good governance and its continuation was essential for our overall national progress and prosperity wherein the people had to play due role, he concluded. ………