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The Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pervez Khattak has said that PTI was anti status quo force that stands for a change.....

The Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pervez Khattak has said that PTI was anti status quo force that stands for a change eliminating corruption, irregularities and favoritism. His government was voted to empower the deprived hapless people as the equal stack holder in the system. His government introduced a new style of governance, bringing transparency and making merit based decision making. It also eliminated political interference in the public sector institutions as these institutions were politicized by the corrupt elements. He compared his government with the previous once and added there was clear and visible difference in governance adding that his government faced a lot of challenges for good governance but his commitment overcame all hurdles and he started the reconstruction of the province. The efforts of his government reduced the yawning gap between the rulers and ruled and the people started trusting the public sector institutions. He said that the foundation of a new Pakistan was laid down in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and the KP government was delivering under the vision, commitment and sincerity of Imran Khan, he added . His government gave power to the Chief Justice Peshawar High Court and his administrative committee to search and recruit DG and Ehtesab Commissioner in order to make the accountability process transparent in the province. He came hard on the political opponents adding that they did nothing but promoted all wrongs in the province but his government started rectifying the situation. KP was successfully entering the development phase following the CPEC as the province was about to be flooded by both foreign and domestic investor but he regretted that the federal government was not issuing NoCs to the foreign investors. His government was working on perception change about the province adding that he would succeed in his efforts for the soft image of the province. He was addressing the 50 member delegation of Pakistan Media Club that included prominent journalists, anchors, producers throughout the country. The Chief Minister took a number of questions and responded them separately. On a question the Chief Minister replied his government was voted by the people for the elimination of corruption, irregularities, favoritism etc. The previous corrupt rulers have pushed the hapless people to the sense deprivation. PTI stood against status quo and brought about a change in the province that mitigated the sufferings and problems of the poor segment of the community. His government stopped corruption and ensured transparent utilization of resources. It empowered the people and brought them to the national stream, he added. His government wanted merit based decision making and justice to all. He said that his government efforts are going against the interest of corrupt elements and that was the main reason the corrupt elements launched a propaganda against his transparent governance. He asked the journalists to present the real world realty to the public. The Chief Minister drew a comparison between his government and the governments of the past terming his government better than the rest representing the true aspirations of the people. He re-tracked the public sector institutions and gave legal cover to empower them in order to respond effectively to the people grievances. He said that when he took over and started the reconstruction of the province, redirecting changed role of the institutions and replacing the old system with the new system of governance, the opponents started creating obstacles but he did not bow out to any pressure and launched the reformation process. In the process, he introduced 200 legislations for the transparency of governance and giving relief to the people. Regarding education and health, the Chief Minister said that he wanted to spent on human resource development because with standard education we can eliminate the gap between the rich and poor that would give equal chances to all adding that he spent Rs.60 billion in education for the construction of additional rooms, boundary walls, furniture, drinking water, electricity and etc and recruitment of merit based teachers. In health new recruitments were made to enhance the strength of doctors up to 7000 and now 95% weaknesses overcame in health sector and the government was spending Rs. 12 billion to ensure efficient healthcare through decentralized approach throughout the province. Regarding another question, the Chief Minister said police was empowered. Now they were free from political interference and it was given a legal cover so that recruitment and posting could be made transparently and without any interference. The role of the elected representatives was total eliminated in the recruitment of police which was now made on NTS. Because of his efforts Police has become a model Police force and started giving relief to the poor. In response to another question for overcoming unemployment in the province, the Chief Minister said that his government started giving incentives for the industrialization in the province. It was establishing 17 industrial zones throughout the province and the technical training institutes were handed over to the Pakistan Air Force to produce skilled manpower in the province. His government also focused on the natural advantages of the province and offered them to investors adding that his government completed 214 micro hydel power out of 356 which were being handed over to communities. We have also planned to establish 1000 micro hydel power. He also talked about the solarization, the agreement with the private and FWO for the production of 2000Mega watt of electricity and added that different schemes of hydro power generation, after completion would add 5000 Mega Watt of electricity to the nation grid. His government unfreezed Rs.6 billion on net hydel power unfreezing it that reached Rs.18 billion and his government also succeeded to use 100 MMCF of gas for electricity generation in three major industrial zones of the province. He also talked about the devolution plan and termed it a unique adding that his government successfully completed the Billion Tree Tsunami in the province. He also talked about the rapid bus transit Peshawar which would integrate the entire routs of Peshawar giving one solution to all the traffic congested. The Chief Minister said that his government convinced and facilitated investment in the province all the projects would have the capacity to generate a lot of resources and provide jobs to the jobless. He said that in the wake of CPEC, the future of the province was secure and it would lead the way in terms of development and prosperity. He had already tasked different bodies to be ready for the challenges of CPEC so that we could get maximum out of the CPEC. <><><><><><>