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Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pervez Khattak approved the creation of a post of Chief Executive Officer TEVTA and provision of free education and training to the poor in all the vocational institutes throughout the province.

Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pervez Khattak approved the creation of a post of Chief Executive Officer TEVTA and provision of free education and training to the poor in all the vocational institutes throughout the province. He also directed the TEVTA to sit with the KP EZDMC for the implementation of his government’s decisions for opening vocational training centres in the industrial zones in the province. He approved the handing over of bio-metric system in the technical education centres to the education department. He said his government wanted to produce skilled manpower in the vocational training centres therefore there should be no space for wrongdoings in the examination results of these centres. The students getting the required level of results should be given certificates and the centres should also initiate steps for the employment of students who completed their training adding that his government wanted to give them training because it focused on the future of youth. He also directed against any hurdle in the government schemes advising the participants to come with the positive frame of mind and find out solution to the irritants in the system. He was presiding over the 10th meeting of Board of Directors of TEVTA here at Chief Minister Secretariat Peshawar. The meeting approved the minutes on the previous meeting of the board and reviewed the implementation stage of these decisions. The meeting took for debate a 26 agenda items and made a number of decisions in this regard. The Chief Minister directed to review the proposed budget (2017-18) of TEVTA and assured the government would provide funding to the body that could be utilized by the end of June. The budgetary expenditures should be rationalized, he added. The chief Minister regarding the amendment in the TEVTA regulations for conducting interviews of BPS-15, directed that the recruitments should be made as per the requirements given in the advertisement and approved 60 % qualifying marks for the male interviewees and 45% for the female interviewees. The meeting agreed to the rationalization of posts in the head office of TEVTA subject to the fulfillment of all codel formalities and under the law. The meeting also agreed to the recommendations of the committee for the adjustment of 63 surplus employees and directed against the new recruitment in TEVTA colleges till the adjustment of surplus employees. The meeting also in principle agreed to the adjustment of SVTI posts against the TEVTA posts. Regarding the purchase of equipments for government polytechnic institutes Lakki Marwat, Mansehra, Shangla and Kohistan, the PC-I was in principle approved, however, it was directed to rationalize the PC-I and the project should be completed during the current fiscal year. The committee was directed not to bring petty nature cases to the forum of Board of Directors. Whatever, the power, the committee had, it should exercise and the purchases should be made under the policies. The committees can request for the resources on need basis, the Chief Minister added. Pervez Khattak directed to settle the land acquisition for the Government Polytechnic Institute BatKhela as expeditiously as possible and send him a summary in this regard. He directed that summaries for the development and welfare schemes should not be either killed or returned back but the relevant quarter should register their opinion and the summary should reach the proper competent forum for decision making. Chief Minister reminded his government had brought legislations and made amendments in the existing ones to ease out the process and give relief to the people. He was for good and positive intensions in the public welfare. The Chief Minister regarding the construction of B.Tech Block in Government College of Technology Tangi Charsadda, directed to first ensure the optimum utilization of institution instead of making additional structure in the already existed institutions. Under utilization of structure was the wastage of resources, he added. He directed to establish polytechnic Institute Chitral in the proposed industrial zone Chitral, adding that his government has already made a decision that all technical centres throughout the province would be established in the existing or proposed industrial estates. Pervez Khattak agreed to the introduction of architecture and bio-medical technology in the Government Polytechnic Saddar Garhi Peshawar. Regarding the recruitment in the TEVTA institutes, the Chief Minister agreed to it but directed to sit with the establishment department to revisit the whole plan of recruitment. He was against the transfer of officials from one institute to another, adding that those who do not work or do not have the capacity should be shown the door. Proposal in this regard should be submitted. He also directed to find out a way out for the upgradation and promotion of female teachers in this institution. He also agreed to the introduction of courses for left hand driving of heavy vehicle. He also approved the revised PC-I for SVTI in Chakdara, Boni, Chitral and Swat and asked to get the help of British Council. He directed for strict implementation on all decisions and would not allow any lethargy in this regard. ======