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Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pervez Khattak approved the transfer of one training institute for the skill development of destitute, widows and poor to Lilsail Walmehroom Foundation in Peshawar

Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pervez Khattak approved the transfer of one training institute for the skill development of destitute, widows and poor to Lilsail Walmehroom Foundation in Peshawar. The provincial government was heavily investing in human development and education. It gave legal cover to the foundation and it gave the status of state children to the destitute and street children. Education is the most priority area of the present government and the education reforms of the present government started giving results, he added. Pervez Khattak said that the recent result of public sector schools indicated the uprooting of “booti mafia”, the sale of marks and now those would get high marks who study hard and would get better results, he added. He was addressing the stipend distribution ceremony among the destitute, deserving and orphans getting education in different professional educational institute through Lilsail Walmehroom Foundation at Chief Minister Secretariat Peshawar. Senior Minister Sikandar Khan Sherpao, Deputy Speaker, Dr. Mehar Taj Roghani, other members of the board of the foundation attended. Chairman of the foundation Haji Javed also spoke on the occasion. One hundred orphan students getting education in medical and engineering colleges got cheques wherein 70 were male students and 30 female students included. Chief Minister with the beaming face said it was good that the poor were in the frontline focusing more on getting education than the rich. His government worked on institutional strengthening and education was at the top. It is my conviction that education should be a state concern, state controlled, state regulated and state facilitated. The most important thing is the quality education and equally to all. Without education, national development could never be realized that was the main reason his government went all out for the quality education in the province, he added. He said because of his government’s efforts, the people’s trust was restored on the system of education as hundreds of parents decided to shift their kids to public sector institutions. Pervez Khattak reminded that nations and society lacking durable educational system were always exposed to wrongs and therefore these exposures annihilate those nations and societies. The recent results indicated the weaknesses in the past education system that it was corrupt to the core and was a politicized education system that was run like a business while there was no culture of teaching and learning therefore his government decided to correct the system, made it transparent, eliminate the “booti” culture and therefore the weaknesses came to surface. It was not to scare of the results but it was a start for better future as we cannot put at stake the future of our kids, he added. He said that previously the education system was free-for-all, giving and distributing high marks. Resultantly, the educational institutions and the parents were happy that the kids are getting high marks but the reality spoke differently as the entire education system was based on fraud and deceit therefore its uprooting was necessary and therefore a transparent education system was to replace the fraudulent education system. Chief Minister said his government made a number of decisions which included the presence of teachers, the provision of education friendly environment and so on, so that the deserving could get better results. He said education should be taken as a constant discovery of weaknesses and this phenomenon requires dedication, precious time and resources and above all the ownership of parents, teachers and students. His government wanted to remove the gap between rich and poor through education therefore it introduced Basic English in government’s schools that could enable the poor kids to compete for better future. The role of parents in the education of their kids could not be ignored but those who are without parents (orphans) and those who could not continue their education because of lack of resources and other social constraints require more concentration otherwise the youth adopt a wrong way and create problems in the society therefore the state should provide resources to look after education of kids in the society. He has a vision for a sensitized society providing protection, survival, moving forward and social mobility for all kids in order to shape up their personality. He assured patronage to the Lilsail Walmehroom Foundation for its future engagements. He appreciated Haji Javed, the Chairman of the foundation and hoped that he would bring more improvement to the good work of the foundation. ====