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Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pervez Khattak presided over the 16th meeting of the Board of Directors of Provincial Housing Authority

Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pervez Khattak presided over the 16th meeting of the Board of Directors of Provincial Housing Authority that cleared the budget of 2016-17 and approved the budgetary proposals for the year 2017-18. The meeting took place at Chief Minister Secretariat, Peshawar, was attended by Special Assistant to CM on Housing Dr. Amjad, administrative secretaries, the members of the Board of Directors of Provincial Housing Authority and other relevant officials of the provincial government. The meeting held at the Chief Minister Secretariat Peshawar took for debate an 11 point agenda and made a number of decisions during the course of discussion. These decisions related to the budgetary spending on different housing schemes in all districts of the province including Jalozai, high rise buildings in Hayatabad, residential flats in Hayatabad, PHA office in Hayatabad, government towns and housing schemes, provincial government employees housing foundation, Hangu model town, a low cost housing scheme at Dheri Zardad Charsadda, Aboha housing scheme in Swat, high rise commercial buildings at two different plots at Warsak road and a number of housing schemes throughout the province and made a number of decisions to expedite the process of implementation on these projects. The Chief Minister in his address to the participants directed to expedite the pace of progress sketching out the whole implementation process for the early completion of housing and commercial schemes in the province. These schemes should be implemented and completed under the time line adding that the province could no longer afford the unnecessary obstructions in the process of implementation on these schemes. Pervez Khattak directed that from now onward the hiring of consultant for any project should be linked to the cost of the project instead of hiring a consultant for a time period. Regarding the Jalozai housing scheme, the Chief Minister directed to ensure that Jalozai and other projects should be completed within a period of nine months and the plots should be developed and put at sale at the earliest and the infrastructure and the facilities should be completed before the time tagged. He directed that considerable time has been wasted by the departments and the people responsible for the completion and execution of these schemes. This province should not suffer at the hand of inefficient officers who do not have the capacity to deliver adding that the system should be efficient and should be run by efficient people therefore the inefficient should be replaced by the efficient officers. It is strange that the government resources are drained and in the same way in the private sector these projects are profit generating projects. Because of the in-sensitivity of the officers, the province suffered a lot and there inaction was equal to excesses against the province. He asked to involve the private sector which has dynamism to make these projects profitable ventures. Regarding the loans of the provincial government to different independent and autonomous bodies, the Chief Minister disagreed with the idea adding that the authorities should generate their own resources. The housing authority should spend its resources first and then the provincial government would arrange bridge financing adding that the investment of resources would continue the process of development. If the public bodies do not spend the resources, the development process would stop. He directed against the negative and close mind set in the public sector adding that the process of laying down infrastructure should be expedited in different housing schemes. He said that the public sector has a dilemma that it does not have the capacity to look beyond its nose and therefore does not have the dynamism required for profitability. Regarding the Aboha housing scheme, the Chief Minister directed to take it up and decide at P&D level. The P&D would look to the project and would only make recommendations. Regarding the Havelian housing scheme, the Chief Minister directed to come up with the complete sketch of the project. He also directed to advertise different commercial properties involving the private sector both at BOT and partnership formula. The private sector involvement would render the commercial process more viable and would also help that the public sector also make profit in any commercialization drive. This province needed extended resource base and therefore we are bound to plan commercial activities on public property. Responding to the commercialization process for the development of commercial buildings and flats, the Chief Minister directed for a detailed design further directing that the agreements with the contractors who did not meet the agreed conditions should be cancelled and the contractors and company black listed. He also directed for expediting the construction of residential flats in Civil Quarters and Hayatabad. He also agreed with the plan for low cost housing schemes in different districts of the province. He also Okayed housing schemes for government servants. He also agreed to the housing foundation for government servants. In response to the Hangu housing scheme, the Chief Minister directed to expedite the acquisition of land and directed for planning low cost housing schemes in all districts of the province. He said that bridge financing would be strictly subject to the entire spending of the fund available with the authority. Chief Minister directed to accelerate the process of developing the housing schemes in Nathiagali. He also directed for the framing of rules and regulations for the provincial housing authority and agreed to the reconstitution of district housing committee substituting its chairman, presently the Deputy Commissioner with the Secretary Housing Authority. He also agreed to clear the recommendations for auction and purchase of vehicles of the DHA. Pervez Khattak Okayed the package enhancing upto 50 thousand per month for the Legal Advisor liking the continuation of the Legal Advisor to his performance. He also agreed to sanction different posts including posts for different site offices in the housing schemes. He said that the housing schemes should be a self sustaining bodies. ==========