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Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pervez Khattak has said delivery is the real yardstick to judge the performance and success of any government.

Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pervez Khattak has said delivery is the real yardstick to judge the performance and success of any government. Transformers and using the name of Pashtoon for political motives are never seen the yardstick for the success and performance, he added. “If somebody wants to watch and observe the good governance or the elimination of corruption, purging the public sector institutions from politics or sensitivity of the government for true public welfare, he must come and personally observe the style of governance in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa”, he argued. He said his government made a big difference watchable in all governance areas that he added was the real and undeniable difference, PTI kept on talking about. He was presiding over a high level meeting and meeting different delegations at Chief Minister House, Peshawar. The Chief Minister said that the PTI led government raised the political awareness of the people enabling them to differentiate between their good and bad. The people are now no longer oblivious of the past wrongs and the present goods. What was practiced in the past in the corridor of power, the people are aware of them. They started coming to the conclusion that the past political elite represented a peculiar mindset as they were the product of a system and they were safeguarding the same system. The political elite in the past had nothing to do with the people’s grievances adding that PTI emerged as a winning force against the anti people system, he added. Pervez Khattak said when he took-over; he started rectifying the wrongs, re-tracked the public sector institutions and gave a system of efficient delivery in all governance areas. The obstacles obstructing the service delivery were removed, the self centric politics were eliminated and pro-people governance was introduced in the province which was appreciated at all forums, he added. Chief Minister said that it was even before coming to power that the team of experts of PTI had investigated the administrative, social and political ills and it had been discovered that corruption was the jostling force behind all the weaknesses and ills adding that “the emergence of social evils and degradation of the society is absolutely natural when there is a separate rules of the game for rich and poor and when there is no respect for merit and when the national interest are subordinated to the personal interest and when the institutions are submissive to the powerful mafia”, he added. He said in a situation that he inherited was quite suitable for the violation of rule of law and when the hapless people did not get justice they opt for out of the box solution to get justice and in the process the societal pillars are dismantled leading to a total chaotic situation in the society, he added. Pervez Khattak said that was exactly the situation he inherited adding that corrective measures for the stability of institutions and giving a deliverable system of governance needed political acumen, sagacity and sincerity to the cause of the people. PTI had all that and had a sincere and un-corruptible leadership committed to its manifesto and who had given a vision for delivery and a system of governance that could start facilitating a change, he added. Chief Minister said he took a four long years to rectify the system through record legislations adding that the present change was ushered in by adherence to the constant policy guidelines and efficient delivery in all social sectors. He reminded his government focused on education and health and social sectors bring education and health to compete with the private sector. He attributed the efficient policing to his government commitment for non interference in police institutions adding police was empowered and made free from the influence of ruling police, Patwar system was rectified and the Qabza mafia was discouraged and the system was made transparent adding that now no corrupt element could survive. Pervez Khattak said that the industrial sector was revived and environment for investment was given which was a transparent one that restored the confidence of investors adding that regaining the people’s confidence in the system was the real success of his government adding that the investors were flooding to the province because of his government policies which would mark the real development and prosperity of the province adding that the financial space of the province was widened. He said that the people’s confidence was the real asset for his government and assured continuing all out efforts for the public welfare in future as well. =====