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Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pervez Khattak has praised Pakistan Air Force (PAF) for its dynamic role in safeguarding geographical frontiers and air space of the motherland

Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pervez Khattak has praised Pakistan Air Force (PAF) for its dynamic role in safeguarding geographical frontiers and air space of the motherland. He while appreciating its contributions towards aviation and aeronautical engineering in the country acknowledged that a number of projects were under completion in aeronautical engineering, technical education and even promotion of tourism in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa with active cooperation of PAF. He said work on expansion of the Saidu Airport in Swat was going on with cost of billions of rupees and this mega project of PAF would enable us to start Boeing and international flights from Swat than only Fokker planes presently that would also benefit the local and foreign tourists. This he said while talking with PAF delegation led by Air Vice Marshal Imran Khalid, Air Officer Commanding PAF Academy Risalpur at Chief Minister Secretariat Peshawar. The delegation discussed the ongoing and new projects of PAF in the province besides other matters of mutual interest with him wherein necessary decisions were also taken. Besides Principal Advisor to Chief Minister for Aviation and Technical Education Air Commodore Mohammad Amin, PAF Officer Commanding Admn Wing Basit Mehtab, ADC Fl. Lt Mazhar Ashfaq, Officer Incharge Works & Revenue Record Sulaiman Khan, Secretary Irrigation Arif Rashid and Chief Engineer Irrigation Sahibzada Shabir, authorities of tourism, wildlife and other concerned departments were also present. The Chief Minister on this occasion verified re-leasing of 284 kanals lake area to PAF Academy Risalspur and establishment of Boating Club for the training of the jawans of Pakistan Air Force. He took stock of the steps to be taken in this regard and issued necessary instructions. The PAF authorities assured that training and recreation facilities in this boating club would also be made available for general masses and tourists under specific timeline. He also approved the establishment of PAF Information and Selection Centre at Swat as local facilitation for youth recruitment of Malakand Division, leasing out of the 300 kanal undeveloped land adjacent to Kanjoo Township and airport for construction of aero-plane pens, workshops, hangers and residential quarters for airport employees and more land adjacent to Khweshgi lake for tourism purposes and issued directives to the concerned authorities in this regard. Similarly he also directed to utilize the abandoned vast public land of airstrips and runway of aircrafts for sprays on crops in Mardan and suggested to use it for paragliding and touristic purposes. He asked the high officials of Mardan distt admn, agriculture, meteorology and PAF Academy to conduct a joint survey of this vast land and put-forth feasible report in this respect. Pervez Khattak asked the administrative secretaries and authorities of public sector departments to keep the environmental beauty, touristic attraction, youth recreation facilities and overall public interest in view besides proper attention to ensure the quality and timely completion of schemes in new developmental strategies. It would make all such plans more beneficial and popular for the masses, he added and underlined the need of identifying the potential but otherwise abandoned areas like Khewshgi lake and utilizing it for tourism and other purposes of public interest. Chief Minister directed for proper planning and arrangement for international standard boating, fishing, wildlife, waters’ sports and children entertainment facilities in the Khweshgi park and making it more attractive for investment. He further asked to utilize the 1866 kanals of the lake and its adjacent 800 kanal forest area for tourism purpose. Pervez Khattak said that domestic and international level organizations and investors were in constant contact with his govt for investment in different sectors including tourism. He said that the services of such organizations could also be utilized in the development of Khweshgi Lake and tourist sports along the river. He said that besides so much rich resources, the nature has also blessed our province with the treasures of pleasant tourist spots while the only thing needed is to take comprehensive and effective measures for the purpose.. He said this province belongs to all of us as our coming generations also have to live here. He said that we can revive our prestigious national status through turning the province into a cradle of peace and making it a tourism hub. Chief Minister said that the test of commoners for the development of the province has then started too, adding the provincial govt would give a corruption and nepotism free environment to the people and investors for overall economic development, increasing the employment opportunities, abolition of poverty and social development over here. He said that measures of PTI led coalition govt are ample proof of our sincerity in this regard. He said that it is high time for going forward in a prestigious manner by dint of our hard work by all and sundry. He said that best mean for it is that we instead of depending on others should utilize our own resources and manpower in a better manner. Only then, he said, we can make progress with fast pace like Malaysia, China and Japan. On this occasion, the authorities assured that they would endeavor to develop Kheshgi Lake, adjacent 2800 kanals land and also all the banks of Indus River for tourism, picnic spots, boating, safari ships, fishing and jogging tracks. Similarly they would also burn midnight’s oil to make all parts of KP attractive for the local and foreign investment and tourism. <><><><><><><>