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Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pervez Khattak has regretted the people were dis-hearted at the name of family planning in the past,

Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pervez Khattak has regretted the people were dis-hearted at the name of family planning in the past, the reason being it was taken against the religious values. He said Islam enjoins upon population and family welfare. Had it been focused on welfare side, we would have established a society based on Islamic philosophy, he added. He said that today we are faced with inherited communicable diseases because we are oblivious to the welfare side of the family and population welfare, he added. He was presiding over a preparatory meeting for his coming visit to participate in a summit at UK regarding population welfare and thereafter marketing, potential advantages of the province in hydro power generation, tourism, investment opportunities and industrialization at Chief Minister Secretariat Peshawar today. Head of Strategic Support Unit Sahibzada Saeed, Principal Secretary to Chief Minister Muhammad Israr, Secretary P&D Shahab, Secretary Health, Secretary Population welfare and other related officials attended the meeting. A presentation was also arranged in this regard. The Chief Minister elaborating the welfare side of the family and population said we ought to seek guidance from Quran and Sunnah adding that we have reached a point where we should take political leadership, Ulma and experts on board to evolve a strategy and initiate a communication plan with active participation of the community to achieve the twin goal of national prosperity and national health. Pervez Khattak said that the time has tested that pre-marriage blood testing can guarantee safety from communicable diseases. The first cousin marriages was a key creating thalassemia, hemoglobin and other problems of the sort shifting to the coming generation, he added. He called upon the Ulma and experts to have consultation to avoid these diseases. The help of developed nations could be an added advantage who could help us in the reproductive side of women child. He said his government was keen to reconcile this issue under Islamic teachings but his government would also never ignore the family and population welfare. His government he added had sketched out a set of targets achievable with the help of political leaderships, Ulmas, experts and international community. The department of population welfare would have to work hard to save the lives of 600 mothers, 1600 children and 8000 infants besides rescuing 4 lac women from complicated diseases annually. Pervez Khattak regarding foreign investment in the province said that peace has been established in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and his government has set a congenial environment in the province for investment in tourism, industrialization, trade and other sectors. We have taken a number of steps to restore the confidence of the investors, create a congenial environment for investment this included record legislations and policies for different sectors in the productive sectors. The Chief Minister said that elimination of corruption was the key success his government made that restored the confidence of both foreign and domestic investors to come and invest in different lucrative sectors and get maximum dividend. He directed to properly highlight the incentives and successes of his government. He also talked about the attractions and incentives his government has given including investment guarantees to the investors for their investment. <><><><><><>