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Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pervez Khattak has approved the new ADP sketch for the year 2017-18

Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pervez Khattak has approved the new ADP sketch for the year 2017-18 adding that the ADP is need driven and public welfare oriented nature. He directed to prefer the completion of ongoing schemes while the new schemes should be launched with a concept of need and public welfare. He also gave deadline of the next month for bringing all the new schemes on ground in all respects. He was addressing the consultative meeting on Annual Development Program for the year 2017-18 at CM House Peshawar. It was largely attended by concerned ministers, administrative secretaries and high ups of the government departments. The meeting threadbare discussed the new ADP for higher education , agriculture, environment, forestry, food, sports, tourism, culture, youth affairs, C&W, Law & Justice, PHE, Home, transport, excise, health, revenue, relief, energy, science and Information Technology, Mineral development, industries and information departments whereas necessary decisions about scheme allocation were taken in this regard. The Chief Minister while agreeing with 58 new and ongoing schemes in higher education department approved establishment of 10 new post graduate colleges in the province in the coming fiscal year. He also sanctioned provision of the missing facilities in the colleges all over the province on the pattern of government schools including the transport facilities. Two new public libraries were also approved. Similarly 30 new schemes were approved including 17 ongoing and 13 new developmental projects in agriculture sector. Pervez Khattak while asking for special focus on agriculture sector in the new fiscal year said that a lot of more work has to be done. He directed for completing the process of solarization of all tube wells in the province. He asked for seeking cooperation of the concerned MPAs in case of the need of acquisition of land for new tube wells. He however directed to ensure uniformity in quality and rates of the projects. He said the next tender must be of equal standard rate in irrigation, public health engineering and agriculture departments. There must be no scheme left incomplete in the new financial year, he added. The Chief Minister directed the authorities to shorten the process of small famers land development. He said there should be crystal clear district wise targets for water courses and water tanks while work must be started during this July on it. He while approving developmental outlay of environment department also directed for fully funding the schemes of inventory and controlling industrial contamination. In all 36 schemes were approved in forestry department. Pervez Khattak directed to complete the Peshawar Zoo on fast track basis. He directed for ensuring the beautification of the Zoo and plantation of evergreen trees and flora. He cautioned there would be no compromise on quality and beautification of this mega project. He further directed for completing the development and management of national parks in the province in all respects. He also approved the Phase-III of billion tree tsunami and the required resources as well as expressed satisfaction on performance of the department. Secretary Environment told the meeting that the 3rd Phase of the billion tree tsunami also be completed by October 2017. The Chief Minister also appreciated the performance of the food department for the current fiscal year as well as approved 12 schemes for the next financial year. He directed to complete food grain godowns on fast track basis all over the province. Overall 53 schemes were also approved in sports, tourism, culture and youth affairs sectors. Pervez Khattak directed to complete Arbab Niaz Cricket Stadium, starting sports facilities in Rustom Sports Complex Mardan and providing sports facilities in all other stadiums on fast track basis. The meeting was told that 158 sports grounds were being constructed in province out of which 85 are completed while the rest are in different stages of completion. Pervez Khattak asked the sports authorities to evolve a comprehensive schedule of sports activities that must be continued throughout the year while there should be final tournaments of different games at the end. He was told that Frontier Works organization (FWO) was being negotiated for development of 60 to 70 touristic spots in the province. He however asked the EZDMC, BOI and BOIT to establish its display centers at Islamabad for international investors for the purpose. He also approved the scheme of restarting financial assistance of Rs.30,000 to writers and poets of the province that would be launched in July after reassessment. The Chief Minister directed the C&W department to sketch a standard design of government buildings throughout the province. The one design concept for schools, hospitals and police stations must also be adopted for district and Tehsil offices all over the province. Similarly a specific design must be evolved for district courts as well. A total of 59 schemes were also approved in home department and its allied sections. The Chief Minister asked for fixing 9 months contract time of fully funded schemes for Tehsil Headquarter police stations and directed for floating its tender immediately. He further directed to avoid encroaching the roads and highways in pretext of security of the police stations saying that public must be facilitated in all respects. He asked the authorities to construct bomb proof concrete boundary walls around the police stations instead of erecting the encroachments on the public paths. The Chief Minister directed for shifting the hardline prisoners from Haripur jail to other higher security jails. He regretted that Haripur road was closed due to security risk from jail side. He also approved the phase wise completion of ongoing rescue services schemes in the province. He asked for starting the process of appointments and trainings of staff for these schemes. A total of 19 schemes were also approved in Auqaf, Hajj and religious affairs department. Similarly the solarization scheme of mosques was included in the energy sector project. A total of 9 schemes were also approved for finance department including automation of pension system and outsource revenue generation scheme. Similarly health insurance scheme of government employee was also made part of the new ADP. In energy sector, a total of 28 ongoing and 26 new schemes were approved. The Chief Minister asked for expanding the solarization of 1000 mosques to 4000 mosques. A total of 19 schemes were also approved in Science and Technology sector including Computerization of Arms licences, citizen facilitation centers, health services, IT support and installation of video conferencing for Deputy Commissioners at office of the Chief Secretary. Pervez Khattak approved 16 schemes in minerals development department. He asked for ensuring annual site survey of the minerals to check the chances of corruption in the department. He also directed the information department to evolve terms of reference (ToRs) with all advertisements and ensure its implementation in letter and spirit. He directed that all departments must follow the ToRs and submit weekly reports on it. The Chief Minister directed the health, education and all other departments to ensure publicity of the government steps and achievements whereas every department had to project its achievements after 10 alternative days. He said a timetable must be prepared in this regard wherein each and every department would have to display and project its achievements for 10 days. <><><><><><>