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The Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pervez Khattak has admitted the government’s all time responsibility to education in the society adding that education should be the full time concern of a government

The Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pervez Khattak has admitted the government’s all time responsibility to education in the society adding that education should be the full time concern of a government as education is the known yardstick for the development of any nation. He disclosed the government was planning a uniform education system for both public and private schools in the province from the next fiscal year. He was addressing 6th Convocation ceremony of Fazaia Colllege of Education for Women Peshawar. The Chief Minister congratulated all the students and their parents on the successful completion of the courses and said that Pakistan Air Force was true to its traditions and stayed in the forward lines in the service of the nation. The PAF educational institutions have the right kind of vision to have a lead role at educational front in the new millennium. He said the teachers produced at Fazaia College of Education were transferring knowledge in a befitting manner to the youth of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. He wished the PAF to continue putting its share in education for nation building. He reminded that “societies lacking durable system of education cannot survive as the absence of education creates space for wrongs in the society”. Unfortunately, he said his government inherited a weak educational system that failed to respond to the challenges of 21st century. In the past, system was used by those in power. They mercilessly used institutions for their own motives and they did nothing for the nation, he added. He said “our government right from the beginning focused on building institutions with education at the top. We are committed to ensure equal educational facilities to all to remove the gap between rich and poor”, he added. The provincial government has already started teaching kids in the public sector institutions at primary level preparing the kids of the poor to have an even playing field to compete with the children of rich. Talking about the reforms, his government brought about, he said, “we are investing energies, resources and time for quality education in the province” adding that because of his government reforms, parents shifted their 35000 kids from private to public sector institutions. He lamented that Class based education system was the main element that created a yawning gap between the rich and poor, adding that it was the tool to protect the interest of the haves and therefore the have-nots were at the receiving end. He reminded that “civilized nations always give priority to education because education civilizes the people and this civilization becomes the launching pad for the development of nations”, he added. He said his government brought reforms to strengthen institutions and it was focused to address the educational challenge in a very comprehensive manner that resulted into the standardization of our schooling system at par with international standards. He said his government stood resolved to provide every student in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa with an excellent learning environment. Our priority in public sector schools is to ensure that schools are provided with missing facilities such as toilets, electricity and drinking water because schools lacked basic facilities when his party came to power. He reminded that it was not an easy task to ensure these basic facilities available in the public sector schools. However, he took upon himself and in the first phase, the provincial government covered the missing facilities in 15297 schools out of the total 28000 schools. Providing these missing facilities took major portion of their budget, he added. He said his government constructed 10045 boundary walls, 5359 toilets, 4260 additional class rooms, provided 3611drinking water connections and 418 solar panels. In the 2nd Phase, his government completed 77 facilities in 12637 schools and they are working on the remaining 13011 schools and the process would be completed in the next fiscal year. His government he added was not oblivious to regulate private educational institutions and therefore made legislation which would be implemented from May. Pervez Khattak said his government was also spending billions on the improvement of Higher education institutions, giving autonomy to the universities and establishing University campuses at district level, he added. He said his introduced multiple reforms in education adding that his government was committed to provide quality teachers to our children and started merit based recruitments in the province. Recently 40, 000 competent teachers have been added to the system. However, his government also wanted to improve the skills of existing teachers and therefore 83,000 teachers were being trained on how to effectively teach English, he added. He advised the teachers to come up to the expectations of the nation and should stay committed to the legacy of prophets because education was a noble profession, he added. He appreciated the hard work of the Fazaia College for teacher’s training and congratulated the upgradation of the institution under the Air University and northern air command. He also appreciated the concession given to the students of FATA region and other regions of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and assured full backing to the institution for giving education to all those who were without it. He assured full backing to the spread of education and knocking down the illiteracy in the province. ===================