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Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pervez Khattak has said his government reformed the system and discouraged political interference in public sector bodies

Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pervez Khattak has said his government reformed the system and discouraged political interference in public sector bodies making them efficient to deliver. His government made record legislations bringing transparency and ensuring merit base decision making that rectified the wrongs in the governance system. Now the public sector bodies started delivery in consonance with the people’s expectations adding that the education and health sector reforms were unmatched and his government set an example before others to follow. He said that political interference and using the power and authority for personal whims was the root cause of all ills in the society. He was addressing the participants of 30th PAF Air War Course led by Air Commodore Hussain Ahmad at Chief Minister House, Peshawar. Chief Secretary Abid Saeed, Secretary Home Shakeel Qadir, Secretary P&D Shahab Ali and others attended. The participants were giving a detail presentation on the reforms agenda of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government. Chief Minister regretted that his government inherited an inefficient and sluggish governance system that did not have the capacity to deliver therefore he focused on revamping the system and making the public sector entities responsive to will of the people. Responding a question regarding Billion Tree tsunami, Pervez Khattak said it was a revolutionary drive and one among the three best tree plantation drive at international level and the best by any province in the country. We succeeded planting 80 crore as against the 60 crores planted in the whole of the history of the country. On a question, the Chief Minister informed the participants his government introduced Sehat Insaf Card covering 18 lakh families to be provided free healthcare upto 5 lakh annually. From next year, we would extend this facility to the whole of the province adding that his government gave police operational and financial autonomy and made it a professional force that improved the law and order situation in the province considerably. Regarding industrialization, the Chief Minister said his government gave a pro investment policy that was taken well by the investors and their flooding to the province for industrialization and making investment in different sectors. Regarding the national action plan, Pervez Khattak said his province was well ahead of other provinces. We have an efficient intelligence sharing mechanism and all were on board in this regard. Chief Minister regretted that the previous government did not deliver that accumulated the people’s problems. However, his government was sensitive to the people’s grievances and it was working on it. His government was about to hold a road-show in China to market its natural resources. Hundreds projects have been finalized in this regard. He told the participants his government with a one go started constructing 110 playgrounds for the youth of the province. 50 have been completed and work on the remaining was going on a fast track. Pervez Khattak on a question of controlling the terror related subversive activities in the province, attributed it to the previous operation Zarb-e-Azb and present Radul Fasaad and efficient border management. On another question, the Chief Minister said that the 2010 flood inundated the whole of Peshawar valley and devastated Nowshera district therefore he termed Kalabagh to be a disaster for the whole of Peshawar valley. He said that because of his reforms in education and health, people from private schools and hospitals were coming back to the public sectors schools and hospitals. ===========