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Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pervez Khattak has termed the Peshawar Rapid Bus Transit Project as the first ever golden standard third generation project of the entire subcontinent

Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pervez Khattak has termed the Peshawar Rapid Bus Transit Project as the first ever golden standard third generation project of the entire subcontinent that would give efficient commuting services to the entire Peshawar valley. It is a unique in the sense that it gives one solution to all the traffic hazards in Peshawar city. It will integrate eight feeding routes commuting 4 lakh 80 Thousand passengers. The feasibility of the project stood completed and the second package would lead through the Sunheri Masjid road, he added. These remarks he made while talking to a representative delegation of Traders of Peshawar City and Cantt here at Chief Minister Secretariat Peshawar. Provincial Minister for Transport Shah Muhammad Khan Wazir and MPA Mehmood Jan were also present. The Chief Minister said that Peshawar Rapid Bus Transit Project was planned keeping in view of the emerging future requirements of Peshawar in the backdrop of CPEC and the weaknesses of other similar projects were taken care of that would link the present of Peshawar with the future of Peshawar adding that CPEC would lead the region to become the center of trade and economic activities. His government had already planned to further expand the existing infrastructure to be in consonance with the future needs and requirements, he added. He assured that all his efforts would lead to benefit the people. Benefiting the investors for the rapid industrialization was in the interest of the province. The growth of the province would lead to generate economic activities, bring prosperity and development and would open up the whole region to the domestic and international investors that would create job opportunities. However this region needed a cohesive planning including a comprehensive plan for vehicular traffic. Rapid Bus Transit would give one solution to all traffic congestions, he added. Pervez Khattak said that Rapid Bus Transit was entering to the implementation phase therefore all the stakeholders should own it because it would resolve their problems. He reminded that in the past his government had planned it through rail connectivity but we lost considerable time that was more than two years when the federal government created obstructions. Had it not been obstructed, it would have been completed within half cost of the project. The federal government initiated similar projects in Punjab and other parts of the country but unfortunately Khyber Pakhtunkhwa was not under the glare of Nawaz led federal government. The only option left with the provincial government was to initiate projects like Provincial Motorway Swat and Rapid Bus Transit. He said that Rapid Bus Transit was unique in the sense that the provincial government would not subsidize it. The government has already planned some commercial activities that will feed Peshawar Rapid Bus Transit, he added. Pervez Khattak called upon the Traders that it should not be taken as a political project adding that the provincial government would not play to the gallery nor would it make any political gimmick. It is a public welfare project. It would never render anybody jobless. He assured that all the stakeholders who might be affected by this project would be compensated either such affectees would be given compensation or a new business would be created for them so that they could stand on their own feet. The project, the Chief Minister assured, even would compensate the owners of vehicles who might be affected by the project and the drivers would be trained to become part of the project. He said that there will be 9 meter small coaches plying on the feeder routes and 12 meters on the main corridor. It should be seen part of the overall beautification of Peshawar City. The commercial plazas to be constructed soon would generate resources that would feed the Rapid Bus Transit. The provincial government has already had a traffic diversion plan for the smooth vehicular traffic flow. The government has already established a separate transport committee and assured that the project would generate five thousand employments for the local. This project is going to become a unique project as the weaknesses of similar projects had been addressed to. It had its own drain system and would effectively test the heavy weather impact. At the same time it would be an environmental friendly project that would enhance the commercial activities in Peshawar. <><><><><><><><>