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The Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pervez Khattak has said that revamping the institutions and putting at place a flawless system for efficient service delivery has always been a hard task to do.

The Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pervez Khattak has said that revamping the institutions and putting at place a flawless system for efficient service delivery has always been a hard task to do. His government took pressure but never compromised on revamping of public sector institutions and changing the system for service delivery. Now police has emerged a professional force but this revamping had a number of steps that his government took. These steps included; bring an end to political interference, making it free from all sort of influences and giving them an ideal environment to deliver the professional policing responsibilities so that it could regain the lost trust of the people. He was addressing a farewell given in honour of the outgoing IGP Nasir Durrani at Chief Minister House Peshawar. The Chief Minister commenting on the past miserable delivery of police said that previously the people complaints were growing against police. Police used to protect the interest of those who posted them. This government did away with this, it introduced reforms and gave the police force operational and financial autonomy. His government discouraged political interference in posting and transfers of police enforcing a check and balance mechanism that brought considerable improvement in their performance that succeeded to restore the people’s confidence in police. He said he had asked the police that his government wanted a changed Thana culture, curbing corruption and banishing using 3rd degree torture in Thanas that had defamed the police. I asked them against illegal FIRs and elimination of hooliganism in Thanas. Following these advices, police emerged a true professional force dedicated to serve the people and resolve their complaints. Pervez Khattak said that the change of system and the making of institutions was not an easy task to do. In the process the reformers had to face multifaceted pressure from different forces of status quo. It was easier to let the police work and get political mileage and use the force for political gains but it was against the interest of the people and the province, he added. He said his government thought that enough was enough, let the police work for the public welfare and do justice with their professional responsibilities and address to the public complaints and grievances, he added. He said that the reforms introduced in different public sector entities including the police force was a pleasant experience, the people started experiencing good at the end. Still we have to work on police to remove the remaining weaknesses that were there and the people still had complaints about them but at least we have set the direction of the police and we are moving on the right track. He revealed during the four years, the people from a cross shades sought favour but he refused because he wanted police to be a true professional force dedicated to the professional delivery in consonance with the people’s aspirations. He reminded that before legislation, he had transferred all his power to police so that they could not find any excuse in the delivery. Now fresh blood inducted to the police through NTS who had the ability to work more honestly, with zeal and dedication and the happier reality is that now police could not be used for political gains. We are not espousing the desire to accumulate power, we want to devolve power with check and balance mechanism so that the system itself could regain momentum and start delivery. He said his government wanted a revamped system for the coming generation. He also hinted reforms for bureaucracy so that they could also work without any political influence. Pervez Khattak lamented that the political leadership and the decision makers had a mismatch between their words and actions. They wanted one thing and doing another, this should be stopped. His government wanted justice for all, protection of rights of the people, giving rights to the deserving, merit based decision making and the system should have an inbuilt solution to all this that would provide a space to the people to have an easy access to the services. He appreciated the outgoing IGP Nasir Durrani who delivered professionally and won the heart of the people through his professional working. He hoped that the new one would take forward the good work started by Nasir Durrani. IGP Nasir Durrani in his address said that his stay in the province was one of the greatest ever experience of his career. The political leadership gave him its vision and he did it with noble intension. It was surprising “how a political leadership could delegate power to institutions, rarely witnessed in the history of the country”. He paid solute to the PTI leadership who took pressure but never transferred it to the police force. The Chief Minister gave a shield to the outgoing IGP Nasir Durrani in recognition of his remarkable services to the people during his stay in the province. <><><><>