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Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pervez Khattak has said that CPEC would spell out the future development status of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province.

Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pervez Khattak has said that CPEC would spell out the future development status of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. “His government fully understood the far reaching impact of CPEC and the level of prosperity it would bring along for the people of the province”, he added. CPEC will determine the future of this region, the Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has already been working to secure its share in the CPEC, hoping that the thoughts for the development of our area were being translated into reality. He doubted that if the bigger province did not create hurdles, he would succeed in bringing a huge investment of Rs. 30 billion US dollars to the province. He said the politicians did not think beyond their nose, they have nothing to do with the future of the province. This country inherited rampant corruption. He advised the honest, marginalized in the past, to work and contribute their best in the future shape of things. He attached great expectations to the youth. He said the government, the academia and the industrialists needed to be on one page for durable success. The strong connectivity among the government, the researchers, the investors and the educationists would open up new vistas of employment, adding that this connectivity should be in the shape of publications taking the traditional, technical, education and quality research in the publications. We need to comprehend our weaknesses and should take the fastest route to get complete benefit of the opportunities that CPEC created, he added. He was addressing the participants of an interactive session amongst the industrialists, researchers, the educationists and the research scholars here at Islamia College University Peshawar. Provincial Minister Mian Jamsheddudin, Advisor to CM Mushtaq Ghani and others attended. On arrival to the venue, the Chief Minister planted a sapling in the lawn of the Islamia College University. The Chief Minister stressed for integration of educational institutions the researchers and the industrialists in the backdrop of CPEC. He reminded that because of terrorism, a single investor did not come to invest here and thanked the China that CPEC attracted both the foreign and domestic investors to our province. Europe and America also wanted to be part of the CPEC as they understood that they would stay behind if they did not avail the opportunities opened up by CPEC. Pervez Khattak lamented his province was kept in dark on CPEC. Billions of us dollars were planned to be invested in Punjab alone. We were being deceived therefore he agitated it and compelled the prime minister to convene an all parties conference. Because of our efforts, the western route became part of the CPEC adding that it was five hundred kilometers short route. He also succeeded in getting an alternate of the CPEC from Gilgit, Chitral, via Dir to Chakdara to be connected to the provincial motorway. We also succeeded in getting two other alternate routes. The province would become so strategically important that would integrate the Central Asia and beyond. We would annuxe new markets. His government was working on 17 industrial zones in the province. The provincial government suggested Hattar, DIkhan and Reshakai Economic Zones for the CPEC. The provincial government was holding a road-show at Beijing towards the end of March to market different advantages of the province, he added. He said the working groups established in all provincial government departments were working on these lines. We designed feasible projects and was about to sign different MOUs with the Chinese and other foreign investors. The province had a number of agreements with the Chinese and other investors in hydel power generation, solar and others, he added. He said the Chinese have indicated their keenness for the relocation of different labour intensive industries in Reshakai. He hoped a huge investment flow into Khyber Pakhtunkhwa by the end of June. He advised to understand the Chinese system and termed it a prerequisite for the success, he added. Chief Minister said that the politicians had weaknesses. They think of their elections and they do not have the capacity to look to the future. He advised to start thinking for the future of the country. His government has already planned rapid industrialization in the province. It gave an industrial policy that carried a number of attractive incentives including one window operation, stopping corruption and giving open governance so that the investors should not go from office to office and the existing system would give a single solution to all their problems, he added. He advised the participants to understand the weaknesses that caused our backwardness and let us to stay behind when other countries were getting the ascension of development. He attributed the widening gap between the rich and poor as the basic route cause of all ills. Nobody took pain in the past 70 years of our history, he added. Chief Minister was at loss to understand as to why nobody thought of education and nobody took pain to have a uniform educational system in the country. We have to remove the difference caused by different education systems, the one in vogue in private sector education and the other in public sector if the desire is the durability of our progress, he added. He said the provincial government took upon itself to remove the gap between rich and poor, for, it introduced english subjects right from primary level. His government fulfilled all the missing facilities in educational institutions, he added. Chief Minister was for the reconciliation of scientific knowledge with the research oriented knowledge. We have to raise the standard of both educational institutions and the research. The provincial government would be at the beck and call in this regard, he added. He announced the inclusion of “CIRM” in the next ADP. Pervez Khattak on a question said his government inherited all public institutions in total disarray. These institutions used to be protecting the interest of individuals. His government revamped the system and institutions giving justice and merit importance in all decision making. It eliminated corruption, ensured judicious distribution of resources that started giving relief to the people. His government retracted the province on the right direction and it was moving gradually to get the targets. Regarding investment in the province, the chief minister reminded that normally investors invest in such areas where there was total protection to their investment and they expect encouraging dividend. The government laid down the infrastructure, opened the natural advantages of the province to the investors and gave them unmatched incentives. He advised the local investors to take the route for investment in the province otherwise they would stay behind, he concluded. ============