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Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pervez Khattak has assured the initiation of true concept of functionalism in the public sector institutions in the province

Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pervez Khattak has assured the initiation of true concept of functionalism in the public sector institutions in the province in order to ensure efficient delivery in consonance with the public aspirations. He also agreed to inaugurate Nowshera Medical College by the end of next week. His government has already laid down and completed the required level of infrastructure in the public sector medical college and with the passage of time the government would continue to fulfill all the requirements required for different medical colleges throughout the province. He was talking to Professor Shabbir Ahmad Lehri, President of PMDC, accompanied by three members of the executive council here at Chief Minister House Peshawar. Principal Nowshera Medical College Dr. Tahir and other concerned officials were also present. The meeting also decided to conduct the inspection visit for Nowshera Medical College by the relevant team of PMDC that is required for the recognition of any professional college by the PDMC. The Chief Minister directed the provincial authorities to complete their preparedness in order to get the college okayed at the relevant forum. Pervez Khattak also directed to post the principal of Gaju Khan Medical College on permanent basis because at present there was no permanent principal to run the college. He directed the relevant authorities to move swiftly, post the principal and even fullfil other requirements if any. Chief Minister also directed to formally move a case for the registration of Dir Medical College before the 30th of March. His government would continue working on it. A decision in this regard has already been made and the relevant quarters needed to move in the right direction so that the medical college Dir becomes a reality in the foreseeable future. Chief Minister assured the PMDC team that his government was open to all suggestions and would put on ground the recommendations made by the PMDC team adding that his government has already set a mechanism for the collective decision making. This is a culture, this country needed and his government has set the direction to move gradually in the right direction through a collective decision making. He also took various proposals leading to the transparency of Sehat Insaf Card. The Sehat Insaf Card was a revolutionary step mainstreaming the marginalized population of the province for the free and efficient healthcare. Under the program, the poor families would get free treatment upto 5 lac. The government made this decision in order to properly and transparently use the public resources for the needy. Regarding the meritocracy in the private sector professional colleges, the Chief Minister agreed to work out mechanism and soon a regulatory regime would be put in place in this regard. He also talked about the revamping, giving autonomy etc to the tertiary healthcare adding that doctors were given attractive packages to deliver in public sector hospitals adding that these attractions were at par with those in the developed countries. Adding that because of the government decision to reform the system, the doctors were out there attending their professional responsibilities in the public sector hospitals, the deficiencies beyond the doctors and other auxiliary staff to the missing facilities in these hospitals got completed and the people started showing their satisfaction on the treatment facilities in the hospitals. Pervez Khattak wished another visit of the PDMA team to the province so that some decisions and steps could be contemplated and put on ground as a regulatory regime for the private sector healthcare outfits in the province. He also asked the team to give the provincial government details of the process of establishing private entities in the healthcare sector and the agreed points under which these entities would have to be run. =========