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Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pervez has lamented, the federal government only announce projects in the province but never translate them into reality.

Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pervez has lamented, the federal government only announce projects in the province but never translate them into reality. The federal government in the recent past announced airports, motorways, construction of swat and Kalam roads but these projects never saw the light of the day. The federal government should replicate the reforms of the provincial government. At least it should reform WAPDA, Sui Gas, NADRA ID card and other sectors because people problems related to these subjects adding that the federal Ministers flying into rage against the KP government and spreading absurdity against his government but they was actually talking about their own character. They should continue speaking against us, we will continue taking the route to public welfare. He was talking to the mediamen after inaugurating the Spring Tree Plantation Campaign 2017. Advisor to Chief Minister Mushtaq Ghani, Secretary Environment Nazar Hussain and other was also present on the occasion. The Chief Minister said that all those projects inaugurated by the federal government were actually part of CPEC and same was the case in Punjab as well. He called upon the federal government to replicate reforms the KP government initiated for revamping the public sector institutions. The federal government must follow these reforms in order to track the country on expeditious road to progress. He said that the elements who had no concern with the public schools and hospitals and the excesses in Police, could never understand the change that the people talked about and that the provincial government introduced in the province. These elements he added plundered the national exchequer and therefore they could not see the change. He advised the federal government to set the target of seeding in billions as the hundred million wherein the share of the provinces would stay meager, would never get the desired results. Still we would continue to the noble cause of mass scale tree plantation as it is required for survival, sustenance and improved livelihood of the people. He said his government has already offered to share its experiences liberally as it gained in the Billion Tree Tsunami adding that his government succeeded in planting 60 crore saplings within short span of three years as against the same in the past 70 years of the country. He said the Billion trees program has achieved unbelievable results and succeeded in increasing area under forests by 2%, rehabilitated 33% of degraded Forests and provided livelihoods to more than hundred thousand poor families in remote and inaccessible areas. The project to-date has achieved more than 60% of set out targets and created the assets worth more than Rs 4000 Billion. That’s why the project has been widely acclaimed worldwide by the environmentalists, print and electronic media, he argued. Responding a question, he said, he was taken aback by the opposition of certain elements to the Billion Tree Tsunami flagship project of his government and which he attributed to a noble endvour and magnanimous achievement and called upon the federal Ministers to rise above the political biasness and visit the province and see for themselves the result of the Billion Tree Tsunami. He also advised them to at least visit and see the visibility and existence of plantation at Jinnah Sport Complex Islamabad, Islamabad Club, Tarbella Dame, Police Training College Sihalla and New Islamabad Airport provided by his government free of cost, he added. The Chief Minister said the Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has declared Forest Department as Force and equipped it with necessary capacity, resources and skill to thwart nefarious designs of timber mafia. We have recovered more than 57,000 Kanals of encroached land, reduced timber cutting to lowest ebb and our efforts are tuned both to conservation as well as development. The Chief Minister said that the previous legislation for the disposal of windfall had reduced the forest growing area therefore his government introduced a new legislation ensuring scientific cutting and growth of forest that have been giving upto 80% results. Pervez Khattak compared his government performance with other provinces adding that no province had the reforms his government brought about in education, health, industry, local government and other sectors. Even the federal government and other provinces had never matched the performance of his government with particular reference to the legislation for the compulsory teaching of Nazra and Quran with translation up to six and onward respectively in the government and private schools throughout the province. His government brought health sector reforms and devolved power and authority to the local government system. It gave 30% of its developmental budget to the local government system and therefore set a glaring example before other provinces to follow. The federal government must follow the good work his government has done and we were magnanimous to provide guidance to the federal government, he assured. Responding to another question the Chief Minister said his government was going all out to provide a solution to the use of polythene bags hindering the drainage system of Peshawar city. To another question he said the government has arranged everything to provide free healthcare to the poor who had been given in Sehat Insaf Card. He also on a question hoped that the plantation carried out by his government under the Billion Tree Tsunami had a good result. He called upon the people to play their role in the Green Pakistan Campaign. <><><><><><><>