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Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pervez Khattak agreed to the proposal for the formation of Islamic ideological council at provincial level

Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pervez Khattak agreed to the proposal for the formation of Islamic ideological council at provincial level and hinting at the re-visiting of the entire curriculum in consultation with Ulama of all schools of thoughts. He assured that the recommendations and the proposals of the Ulama would be given practical shape adding that the provincial government within its powers would make legislations if necessary. Pervez Khattak said that under the 31(2) section of the constitution, the federal and provincial governments were bound to make legislations to mould the laws in consonance with Islamic injunctions. It was mandatory for the governments to promote Islamic teachings and make all out efforts in this regard but unfortunately the previous governments paid no heed to it. He was addressing a hurriedly called press conference after receiving a delegation of Muttahida Ulma Board at Chief Minister House Peshawar. The Chief Minister said his government was going all out for improved educational system putting it on Islamic lines. He said the government formed Muttahida Ulma Board for the first time in the history of the province. It legislized against interest and corrupt practices and incorporated the Islamic injunctions, Khatm-e-Nabuwwat of last Prophet hood, Nazra Quran and Quran with translation in the syllabus at the primary, elementary, secondary and higher secondary levels. Pervez Khattak thanked the Ulma for reforming the entire curriculum of the schools and assured his government was doing all out to reconcile the education system with the Islamic teachings and uprooting corruption and corrupt practices and interest from the society. He said that the interest system and corruption caged the poor in its shackles and it was our collective responsibility to totally eliminate it. The Chief Minister said it was the only provincial government that enacted various laws including laws for banishing interest and corruption as it was our collective responsibility and the need of the hour for a transformed society. Now the elements involved in usury and promoting ills in the society would be apprehended and punished accordingly. He called upon the Ulma to guide the government and stop the ill practices damaging the Deen of Allah. Pervez Khattak regretted under the section 31(2) of the constitution it was mandatory for the governments to lay down the foundation for the promotion of religious education. The kids needed to be trained and educated on religious lines in order to have a society based on justice and equality but unfortunately no efforts were contributed to this in the past. We needed to work for the character building of our youth, guide them on the Islamic laid down preaching and teachings and prepare them for their collective responsibility to the society. Pervez Khattak formed a committee comprising two members of each school of thoughts that would sit with the education and Auqaf department and firm up recommendations under which the syllabus would be mould in consonance with the Islamic teachings. The provincial government would not only welcome these recommendations but would take it as religious obligation and would be incorporated with the syllabus, he added. The Chief Minister directed to work out a mechanism for the implementation of the law for the incorporation of the Nazra, Quran and its interpretation in the syllabus from 1st to Class 12th. The government in its previous day cabinet meeting had decided that Nazra and Quran with its meaning would be mandatory from class 1st to Class 12th. Pervez Khattak also assured to bring the recommendations of the Ulma at the forum of Apex Committee and assured that his government would continue backing the good work of religious scholars. The religious scholars appreciated the laws of the present government ranging from promotion of religious education to banishing usury, ending corruption and assured all out support to the government in this regard. <><><><><><><>