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Provision of force multipliers to enhance the capacity of intelligence outfits for improved intelligence gathering necessary for the transparent, free, fair and peaceful elections in the province

Caretaker Chief Minister of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Justice Retd. Dost Muhammad Khan assured provision of force multipliers to enhance the capacity of intelligence outfits for improved intelligence gathering necessary for the transparent, free, fair and peaceful elections in the province. “The intelligence outfits needed coordination focusing more on navigational approach to apprehend the terrorists and criminals to avert the danger of any subversion in the peaceful elections in the province”, he added. He was presiding over a high level meeting on security related issues as a part of the peaceful and transparent holding of elections at Chief Minister Secretariat Peshawar. The Caretaker Chief Minister was briefed about the arrangements and steps taken for the peaceful conduct of elections in the province. Addressing the meeting, the Caretaker Chief Minister suggested the categorization of criminals with their potentiality and capacity to subvert or put a hindrance in the smooth elections in the province. He ordered for the full sensitization of law enforcing agencies to facilitate the voting process adding that the government would provide resources for the force multipliers for advance intelligence gathering in the wake of coming elections in the province. He appreciated the security forces for their vigilance and the sacrifices they made in the process of interception and busting the hardened criminals. Mr. Justice ® Dost Muhammad Khan said that durable peace in the province is the ultimate goal that could become a launching pad for the rapid development of the province. The restoration of peace is full time job and we should minimize the capacity of the criminals and terrorists. Sometime, the security forces have to take out of the box steps as a part of the counter insurgency move. The police force should stay sensitized, use motivational methods for improving the moral of the police personnel in order to be ready for their enhanced responsibilities following the merger of erstwhile FATA. The vulnerable areas needed focused and constant attention. Security to the people and saving the precious human lives cannot be compromised in any way. The criminals should be all time on the radar, the target killers be followed, the potential threat mitigated and the criminal activities eliminated that is the full time job of the government and its security forces, he added. Caretaker Chief Minister urged on adherence and implementation on the law for the rented properties and this should be further enhanced to the rent-a-car and other facility that could be used by the saboteurs. He also directed to be sensitive to the expected threats in the elections process. The government would never allow any deterioration. The law enforcing agencies should focus on the exit and entry routes to the province. There should be deployment of fresh forces to secure the vulnerable and sensitive areas, necessary for the peaceful, fair, free and transparent elections. Justice ® Dost Muhammad Khan said that peace has come back to the province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa partly because of the military operations, joint search operations and the fencing of border stopping infiltration and partly because of the people support to the operations against militants and criminals. The police played extremely well along with the armed forces and the people support was crucial to the success of purging our land from the militants and criminals. He eulogized the sacrifices of the people both of properties and lives in the whole process.