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Justice Retd. Dost Muhammad has sensitized the bureaucracy for facilitating the peaceful, free, fair and transparent conduct of general elections in the province

Caretaker Chief Minister of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Justice Retd. Dost Muhammad has sensitized the bureaucracy for facilitating the peaceful, free, fair and transparent conduct of general elections in the province. We have a limited mandate commanded by the Constitution and we should be loyal to our responsibility till the transparent conduct of general elections. Everyone should be loyal to the country and extend full support to the Election Commission of Pakistan, he added. He was addressing the provincial bureaucracy that included Chief Secretary, Additional Chief Secretary and other administrative secretaries soon after taking oath of the Caretaker Chief Minister of the province at the Chief Minister Secretariat Peshawar. The Caretaker Chief Minister called upon the bureaucrats to be loyal to the country brining the whole governance system under the constitution putting some safeguards against misuse of power and authority and the public servants should perform their responsibilities with sincerity and devotion. We have a limited time to deliver and to deliver with focus on the common people who are the neglected part of the population adding that his government agenda would be supported by an economy drive. The government machinery would ensure drastic cuts and would be allowed for the minimum justifiable expenditure only, there will be no Eid Milan and Aftaar parties and the resources incurred thus could be diverted to improved schooling and efficient healthcare in the province. We would discourage unnecessary expenditure and would ensure minimum spending and that too would be justifiable. He also directed the Chief Secretary to sensitize the district administration for the operational responsibilities included the public welfare. This country suffered both manmade and natural calamities in the recent past and the government machinery would provide extra ordinary security for the public processions and public gatherings as a part of security measures in the election’s process. He called upon the public servants to deliver mitigating the bad impact of calamite change, be ready for the natural calamities in the province. The Chief Secretary should issue a circular asking the relevant quarters and the district administrations to be on red alert, monitoring the system, introduce the early warning system and arrange everything required for any natural calamity. In any emergency, this province will bear the brunt being the first victim of any devastation asking the PDMA officials to prepare a comprehensive blue print of all the glaciers malting areas, the kind of hardships these melting glaciers pose and collect resources to address to these hardships. He warned against any lethargic attitude. He hinted that though his government has a limited time but assured to leave behind the future guiding principles for improved education, health, drinking and irrigational water resources and substantive work in some other areas that could revolutionize the province if implemented by the coming government. He also asked the quarter concerned to ensure the provision of drinking water to the people in the water scarcity areas. He also directed against the spurious and substandard drugs, the air born and water born diseases adding that within the available resources we can do much for the public welfare. He called upon the district administration to control the prices of essential commodities in their respective districts. The government writ should be visible. He assured to work for the infrastructure and human development within a short span of time adding that collective decision leads to desire goals. Security will continue to be the priority for the smooth conduct of elections in a free, fair and transparent manner. He assured that the Caretaker Government would provide all out support to the Election Commission for the fulfillment of its mandated responsibilities. He asked the public servants to perform their duties under the law and following the rules and regulations.