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Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pervez Khattak called upon the people to strengthen the roots of the party

Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pervez Khattak called upon the people to strengthen the roots of the party, spread its message for the change of reformed system and organize the people towards the collective goal of transparent governance, change of system and institutions and the change of mindset hindering the development and prosperity of the poor. PTI would continue to awaken the people, organize them against the status quo and ensure that there was no injustice in the society, he added. He was talking to a delegation of Retired Police Officers of Dir at Chief Minister House Peshawar. Provincial Minister Mehmood Khan, MPAs Dr. Amjad, Fazal Hakeem and others attended. The delegates appreciated the government delivery in all spheres of life terming the PTI government to be an unprecedented in terms of giving relief to the people in different sectors and the people were comfortable with the PTI government, they added. Pervez Khattak assured to ask the Inspector General of Police to reassess the demand of the retired police officers and officials to remove the weaknesses and anomalies in the pension and other benefits adding his government has given an unprecedented raise in the perks and privileges of the government officers and officials and now is their tern to match their commitment to discharge of their responsibilities with the cause of the people through improved service delivery. Pervez Khattak said that nothing was dearer to him than listening the poor segment of the society about the level of their comfort with the system of improved delivery in different reforms sectors under his government adding his government had laid down the foundation for doing and delivering under the law of the land. The people rights have been protected, their genuine demand addressed to and principle guidelines evolved to deliver upto the people’s expectations within the format of law. Regarding the sehat Insaf card, the Chief Minister said that no one could be included at whims but the beneficiaries were those who fulfilled the criteria of the Benazir’s era survey of the poor. Recently, his government included the disabled in the list adding that a new survey would have to be conducted to expend it and bring legitimate poor to the fold of beneficiaries of the sehat Insaf card adding his government had allowed the poor segment of the society to avail five lac and fifty thousand free medical treatment in both public and private hospitals. Pervez Khattak talked about the unprecedented raise in the salaries and fringe benefits of the government employees and expected a matching response from the employees for the improved delivery. It is good to listen that the people were comfortable with the impressive performance adding that the upgradation and the raise of salaries had to cost additional burden of 25 billion rupees annually therefore more additional burden on the provincial exchequer was uncalled for. Regarding the employees sons quota of Malakand police and other demand, he assured a sympathetic consideration.