Targets to be Achieved in Long Term


Priority areas

DHQ Hospitals to be upgraded to category A


All Cat-A Hospitals should have at least


A&E Dept with Level-II/ Level-III trauma centre

Equipped OT

Cardiac Cath Lab

10 Bedded Burn Centre

Waste management system

Dialysis Centre (10 bedded)

Four Ambulances

Blood banks



CCU /ICU and Peads ICU

•  Women and children block

•  Pharmacy

Equipped Radiology Deptt with Digital X ray MRI & CT Scan

Residential block for staff

Power supply ( express line & solarization)

Oxygen plants in  Cat  “A” Hospitals


Every Tehsil should have one Cat D hospital


All Cat-D Hospitals should have at least


Forty Beds


A& E Dept

Two Ambulances

Blood banks



Every District should have 25 mini hospitals (Each 5 Bedded)


Two M.O & 1 WMO ,1 Dentist along with auxiliary staff

Minor OT,

ECG, Ultrasound, Digital X ray

This hospital will be based on population, density, Distance and terrain

Emergency Cab


Health Complex at District Headquarter & Provincial Head quarter Level


Health Complex Should have at least:

DHQ Hospital

DHO Office

Space for proposed structure

Residential Space for Health staff

Continuous water & power supply

Education facility

Recreational facility




Priority areas-General

Implementation of primary, secondary minimum essential health services packages

All Health facilities should have HMIS/ DHIS/ VLMIS/LMIS, and all should have integration

Cat D and DHQ hospitals should have express line/ solarization

Heating/Cooling systems

Mini hospital should have solar system

DHQ, Cat D will have 24 hrs services

Extension of all Public health acts and regulations to Merged Districts through Health Directorate MDs

Removal of Deficiencies in the existing Health facilities (Infrastructure/ Equipments/Medicines/ HR)