• —Implementation of SDS
• —Formulation of next Medium Term Development Strategy
• —Implementation of FORSEE Modules for initial sectors

• —Transport Master Planning for District Headquarters of KP

• —Preparation of District Land Use Plans of remaining Districts of KPK
• —Preparation of Master Plans of District headquarter cities
• —Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Cities Improvement Project
• —Physical work on all designed projects to be completed
• —Tracking of Implementation of IWRM
• —Alignment of Provincial Plans, Policies and Resource Allocation to 2030 Agenda
• —Strengthening of SDGs monitoring, and reporting Mechanism
—Integrated Water Resource Management (IWRM)
• Ensure access to drinking water to 100% population in next 10 years
• Ensure adoption of safe sanitation practices by 80% of population
• Introduce solid waste management system starting from major cities followed by towns and district headquarters. (what shall we give here?). Use of plastic is banned in the entire province
• Tapped hydro-power generation potential from micro-hydel and small dams to generate addl. electricity
• Revenue collection from drinking /piped water increased
• Increased revenue collection from irrigation water
• Utilize KP water share with enhanced infrastructure development from the benchmark of 65%
• Increased command area under irrigation by extending existing and establish new systems (canal system, small dams etc)
• Increase vegetative cover by Green & Clean Pakistan Programme