Performance in last 8 months


Approval of Merged Areas ADP 2018-19

°Integration of merged areas ADP
°Size – Rs. 20.4 Billion
°Merged Districts ADP Schemes appraisal & 78 schemes approval by PDWP
—Annual Development Programme 2018-19
• 87% development budget for ongoing portfolio
• 13% allocation to new portfolio
• 371 DFC schemes targeting functioning of 2335 facilities
—Review of TYDP
Consultation with line departments and international partners
—Extensive consultations at tribal districts with key stakeholders
Geo-tagging made by GIS Hub
• Mines & Minerals (mining & leasing sites) in KP
• Missing facilities in schools in KP
• Major roads & other/street level roads in KP
• PHE Tube-wells in Peshawar, Nowshera & Abbottabad completed while rest of the districts will be completed by June 2019
• Canals & Canal Patrol Roads in KP
• National & Wildlife Parks, Hatcheries, Sanctuaries, Govt. & Private Game Reserves in KP
• Rescue 1122 stations in KP
• Archaeological sites in Swat & Marble factories in Buner
• FORSEE Prototype developed for E&SED
—Investment Policy
—Summary has been moved to Chief Minister
• First Provincial Investment Policy
• Policy principles:
• Equal opportunities to local and foreign investors
• Improved governance
• Transfer of technology and human resource development
• Micro, small and medium enterprises
• Soft financing inclusive of Islamic modes
• Social responsibility
—Public Private Partnership
• PPP Policy Framework has been developed. Consultative meeting with Political Leadership awaited before placing it on the Agenda of Provincial Cabinet
• Amendments in PPP Act have also been drafted. Series of consultative meetings held. Final consultative meeting with Political Leadership awaited before further processing  for approval
Public Investment Management Plan (Judicious Utilization of resources)
• Plan has been drafted and will be finalized after review by P&DD and political leadership
Review of BRT
• BRT progress reviewed  regularly and necessary coordination/facilitation provided
—Quarterly Reviews of ADP held
—Rationalization exercise of ADP 2018-19 completed(Rs.181 Bn TF proposed for rationalization)
—Sustainable Development Strategy (2019-2023)
• Preparation of 5 years Sectoral Plans by all departments
• Integrating local as well as donors assistance behind government agenda
• Setting measurable targets for each sector in line with sector strategies
• Reviewing 10 Years Development Plan for Merged Areas and making it a part of SDS
• Focus on human development through investing in social sectors and job creations and resource generation through growth sectors
Final Report to be ready by end April 2019
Launch in 1st week of May 2019
—CPEC Projects
• Regular reviews of CPEC projects being held.
• Rashakai SEZ is finalized
—Voluntary National Review (VNR) for achievements of SDGs
—• VNR process initiated in November 2018, Series of consultations convened with all the stakeholder including public & private sector, donors, academia and civil society
—• Divisional Consultations with regard to SDGs Framework Development
—• Workshop on engagement of Youth for Achieving SDGs
—• On boarding Parliamentary Task Force for achieving Agenda 2030
—• Committees notified
—PDWP Meetings Progress
• 232 schemes approved in 14 meetings; including 78 schemes of merged areas
—Monitoring & Evaluation
• 938 M&E reports generated
• 400 feedback received from departments
• 282 follow-up visits made by M&E Headquarter
• Annual M&E report 2017-18 prepared & disseminated
• FORSEE Prototype developed for E&SED
—Statistical Reports
• Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey (MICS) 2016-17 (Published)
• Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in Figures 2019 (Published)
• GDP Estimates (Report finalized)
• National MICS (In progress)
—Urban Policy Unit
• Traffic Management Plan for Peshawar and Abbottabad City
• Geometric Design Standard Manual for Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
• Preparation of Provincial Land Use Plan of KP (PLUP) – Peshawar & Mardan Divisions completed
• Urban Architect
• Design for beautification and uplift of Divisional Headquarters
• Design for beautification and uplift of Districts
• Condominium Act 2018 prepared and vetted by Law Department
• Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Cities Improvement Project
• Approval of  the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Cities Improvement Project (KPCIP) PC – II
• IWRM Strategy Formulation for Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
• Status Report of Sub-sectors prepared
• Broad Consultation Workshop of all relevant stakeholders conducted
• Final Consultation Workshop on draft IWRM Strategy for KP conducted