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Caretaker Chief Minister formed a 7-member joint investigation team to investigate different dimensions and motives behind the inhuman act of terrorism.

Caretaker Chief Minister of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Justice Retd. Dost Muhammad Khan has directed to bring the perpetrators, the handlers and facilitators of Yakatoot suicide attack to justice as expeditiously as possible. He approved compensation for the Shuhada and injured in the suicide attack. This he directed in an emergency meeting of the provincial cabinet and administration at Chief Minister Secretariat Peshawar. The meeting started at 01:30 AM lasted for three & half hours and concluded at 04:00 AM. Provincial Ministers Asadullah Khan Chamkani, Abdur Rauf Khattak, Zafar Iqbal Bangash, Anwarul Haq and Muhammad Rashid, Chief Secretary, I.G.P., administrative secretaries attended. The meeting was briefed about the initial details of the suicide blast and the information collected from the scene. Caretaker Chief Minister formed a 7-member joint investigation team to investigate different dimensions and motives behind the inhuman act of terrorism. He also formed a sub-committee of the cabinet to be headed by the Caretaker Chief Minister which would review and evaluate the reports of the JIT twice a week. He said the provincial government would go all out to do all within its reach to bring the perpetrators to justice. It is very much necessary to investigate and bring to limelight the actual motives behind the suicide attack because the government wanted the peaceful, free and impartial elections and was busy to take all the required steps in this regard. Dost Muhammad Khan gave a complete plan for effective security mechanism that also included the constant surveillance and monitoring, the new method of investigation, enhanced coordination and intelligence gathering and sharing. He also directed to monitor all entry routes to the province both frequented and unfrequented. The incident raised few questions about the present level of security and what are required to have a considerably improved security environment in the changed environment. The enemy is invisible, the situation is challenging and the existing security shield lacks the required level of strength and durability that necessitated for extra ordinary security arrangements. He reminded the law enforcing agencies of his previous directions for reinforcement, relocation and redeployment, necessary for the peaceful conduct of elections in the province. The enemy of the country and people wanted to fear the people into submission. They wanted to target the soft targets to sabotage the elections but they would never succeed, he added. He said that the incident like Yakatoot which took place in a street,` could have been averted simply plugging the two ends of the street. He directed the police to be more vigilant in the given situation. The security of the country and lives of people were of paramount importance and saboteur activities were hazardous to the country. We have a limited mandate for the transparent, free and fair elections and we have to provide a base of this. Billions of rupees have been spent to conduct elections letting the people exercise their choice in favour of their candidates, he reminded. Caretaker Chief Minister said that the incident exposed the loopholes in the security shield and directed for extra security measures to cover the vulnerability of certain areas. The focus should be on prevention, the security should never be compromised, threat evaluation needed to be done meticulously, our compromises would have severe repercussions which we could not afford at the moment. The threat alerts should be examined from all directions as the new methods indicated different type of techniques undertaken by the terrorists and saboteurs and we have to be ready to generate the matching counter terrorism response to foil all terrorism related attempts. We have to have extra security measures including surveillance and monitoring for averting all terrorism related threats. Dost Muhammad Khan assured free treatment and even providing helicopter for the serious injured if the treatment could not be done effectively in Peshawar. The government would bear out all the expenditures, he added. Caretaker Chief Minister said the federal government had agreed to repatriate Frontier Constabulary to the province to boost its security shield. He directed for enhanced security for the leadership and candidates of all political parties. He appealed to the leadership of political parties to cooperate with the caretaker set up for the transparent, fair and free elections in order to avert the danger of sabotaging the elections. The meeting agreed to certain steps necessary for the improved security in the province. Caretaker Chief Minister gave a comprehensive plan to security agencies and asked them to implement the plan in letter and spirit. We should not ignore the lengthening danger of our invisible enemy and therefore we should take all out steps to force a total discomfiture to our invisible enemy through the backing of people and political forces. He warned against any negligence in this regard. The meeting condemned the inhuman and heinous attack of suicide on the political corner meeting which took the lives of Haroon Bilour and others and injured others. The meeting offered Fateha for the Shuhada of the suicide blast and early recovery of the injured.