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Chief Minister has called upon the youth to prepare themselves for the leadership of the nation in future.

Chief Minister Khyber Pervez Khattak has called upon the youth to prepare themselves for the leadership of the nation in future. “KP Youth Assembly has been constituted for serving as training academy for our youth”, he said adding that provincial government has taken concrete steps in different sectors for welfare and quality training of young generation. He said that 40 thousand youth were being benefitted of the Employment Digital Skills Program initiated by Information Technology Board Khyber Pakhtunkhwa recently. He was addressing as chief guest at the parliamentary meeting of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Youth Assembly at District Council Hall Nowshera. Besides MNA Dr. Imran Khattak, District Nazim Nowshera Liaqat Khattak, other LG representatives and members of the youth assembly attended in large number. Pervez Khattak said that his government was pursuing a comprehensive strategy for the betterment of youth soon after coming to the helm of affairs. That is why, he said, his government fully cooperated in constitution of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Youth Assembly aimed at providing a platform for political and ideological training of the youth. He asked the younger generation to fully comprehend the purpose behind the Youth Assembly and study its constitution, laws and system to enable them to lead the nation in the successful way in future. The Chief Minister regretted that our traditional politicians considered the government just an easy and profitable business concern though it was not that way. Rather leading and ruling the people was infact a noble but difficult task for which one has to understand and visualise the constitution, rules, regulations and emerging challenges properly. He said that the overall system of politics and government has presently turned into a disappointing affair due to lack of political sagacity and proper training. Pervez Khattak further emphasized the youth to work hard to combat the challenges of the time in most successful manner. He said that our youth must pinpoint the flaws existed in the system and voice for resolving it in order to ensure the bright future of the nation. He said that provincial government was exploiting all its resources and energies to ensure speedy process of development in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa wherein our youth has to play role of forefront. He said his government would fully cooperate and encourage the youth in this regard and the future governments would also extend all out assistance to bring them in the national mainstream. Chief Minister said that fortunately our 60% population are energetic below 30 years of age and secondly the youth of today comparatively more educated and conscious than the past. He acknowledged that youth fully supported the vision of change of Pakistan Tehrik e Insaf and also cooperated sincerely to implement our reforms agenda and achieve its 100% its goals. He assured that the welfare of the youth was among the top most priorities of provincial government. He said that solid steps were being taken for betterment of youth in every sector of life in the province. He said that opportunities have also been provided to the young generation to enable them for decision making and plan their schemes of development by themselves. He said that new training centers have been established for quality skills and technical education of the youth. He said that training was being imparted to the youth at four different training centers in various parts of the province under employment digital skills program of Information Technology board. He said that over 40 thousand male and female youth benefitted from this program to earn respectable livelihood in their home towns. He invited the youth to put forth their suggestions and recommendations for improving the existing system in light of their studies and research, as he said, our youth had to shoulder the onerous future responsibilities of government. He on this occasion approved in principle of arranging parliamentary meetings of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Youth Assembly at every district council Hall all over the province.