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Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pervez Khattak directed for accelerated progress on all the reaches and packages of Peshawar Rapid Bus Transit project,

Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pervez Khattak directed for accelerated progress on all the reaches and packages of Peshawar Rapid Bus Transit project, ensuring its completion according to schedule, awarding the contract of Intelligent Transport System (ITS) of the project, rapid and quality construction of feeder routes, bus stops and commercial plazas. He was chairing a high level meeting at CM House Peshawar. Commissioner Peshawar, high ups of transport department, PDA, other institutions, contractors attended. The meeting was briefed on progress so far made on BRT. The Chief Minister was told that contractor paver machine has been recently deployed near Chamkani to further expedite work at Reach-I of the Package-I, NESPAK was about to submit the new design of Peer Zakori bridge to start work on it, design of bus stations also finalized and practical work was being initiated on it in couple of days. He further directed to ensure the cleanliness of roads side by side with construction works so that people could not face problems in this regard. He asked the concerned officials to ensure alternate traffic arrangement system for smooth passage of transport and facilitate the commuters as much as possible. He said that Rapid Bus Transit is the third generation project in the real context having extra features including cycle tracks. Pervez Khattak directed to ensure completion of the Package-I in all respects well before the target period. He cautioned that there should be no hurdles in this respect nor he would tolerate any lethargy on part of the construction firm or concerned officials. He was told that Firdous chowk under pass was being redesigned for Package-II. He was told that nine piles machines have been deployed near the road adjacent to LRH and these machines would be mobilized soon after receiving the result of piles test. The Chief Minister asked for submitting written timelines for completion of work from Peer Zakori bridge to Firdous underpass. He directed to complete both these reaches before the set schedule to pave way for early completion of the rest of the phases of BRT. He expressed satisfaction that work on Reach-III was proceeding smoothly, steel fixing was being completed there and no difficulty or hurdle was being experienced. Pervez Khattak further instructed to issue the work order of latest Intelligent Transport System and submit its time lines in writing as well. He said that this task must also be completed by the month of April positively. He asked to proceed the process after completion of the technical evaluation of the purchase of Rapid buses. He directed to ensure financial bidding in first week of January and approaching Asian Development Bank in this regard. He demanded timelines for the timely purchase of buses. The Chief Minister asked to complete the photographic survey of the feeder routes bus stops and start work on those portions that were cleared during the process. He directed to submit report immediately indicating work order for how much bus stops has been issued. He further asked to complete the bidding of the commercial plazas by 28th December as the sites were clear and hence construction work on commercial plazas should be started. Pervez Khattak said that elevated cycle track must also be ensured in Cantt area and hence he would talk to the concerned authorities. He said that it was a mega project with futuristic outlook having all facilities. He directed the transport department to include cycle sharing system in the project. He said that construction of Peshawar Rapid Bus project, Greater Peshawar Circular Railway and shifting of the general bus stand out of the city were those mega projects that would considerably add to the beauty of Peshawar. He said these projects would not only find permanent solution to the traffic problems but would also contribute to the beautification of this historical city. ========