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Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pervez Khattak has said that leading the province to be an agriculturally self reliant, ensuring food security to the people....

Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pervez Khattak has said that leading the province to be an agriculturally self reliant, ensuring food security to the people, provision of justice and making merit based decisions are the important targets of his government and therefore the public sectors institutions should reconcile their functions for the sustainable development in all sectors. He was optimistic that agriculture sector development would lead to reclamation of barren land, provision of jobs, food autarky and bringing the economic prosperity to the rural areas of the province. His government in principle agreed to provide a five tiers formula for the college teachers and professors and after working out modalities would be implemented. He was presiding over a meeting of the Provincial Cabinet that made a number of decisions at the Cabinet Room of Civil Secretariat Peshawar. Provincial Ministers, Chief Secretary, Additional Chief Secretary and administrative secretaries attended. The Chief Minister said his government had the capacity to lead the province towards sustained economic growth. Every individual in the system of governance must show responsiveness for the effective governance. His government tracked the province for durable development, the system and the governance would ensure justice and merit based decision leading to provision of jobs and accessibility to services therefore the system needed to be more deliverable having no obstacles and obstructions, he added. The Chief Minister directed to prepare a comprehensive plan for the efficient use of agriculture department land for enhanced productivity in the agriculture sector. The cabinet formed a committee to be headed by the Additional Chief Secretary that will consider the future needs of all department and entities for the efficient use of agriculture department land for the productive use throughout the Province. The committee will get feedings from all the entities who demanded for the acquisition of agriculture land for the establishment of their own required facilities. The Committee will also submit recommendations after studying the available land of the agriculture department, will determine different dimensions of the land and fulfill the needs of the agriculture sector. The committee will also submit recommendations for planned urbanization and raising of nurseries. The committee will also recommend the planned townships and the creation of health, education and other social services in the townships at all districts. Similar arrangement should also be recommended for the private housing schemes. The Cabinet directed to bring the recommendations to the next Cabinet meeting for approval. The Chief Minister reminded that the Chashma Lift Irrigation scheme would serve a key role for making hundreds of thousands of barren land cultivable. He directed all the departments to sketch out a complete design for the short term, mid-term and long term needs so that the government could take care of them. Regarding the establishment of rest places in Galyat area, the Chief Minister asked the quarter concerned to make a comprehensive plan for the establishment of rest places throughout the province including Nathiagali and other areas throughout the province. The Law department should look to the legal side of the rest places on need driven, he added. Regarding the KP Rural area drinking water supply scheme amendment bill 2017, which the cabinet approved that the damage to the drinking water supply scheme will be punishable offence upto three months imprisonment with fine from 5000/- to 50000/-, the Chief Minister said that it would serve as a deterrence adding that this attitude was a threat to the law and order situation and also a threat to the writ of the government that necessitated discouragement. He advised to replicate the same pattern for the local government schemes as well. The Chief Minister said that the present government established three universities that reached 9 new universities within its four years of tenure. Now there are 28 Universities in the Province and assured that the establishment of council of Higher Education for the purpose of research studies and its linkages with the industries and the market was necessary for a futuristic outlook of the province. The Chief Minister directed to advertise the commercialization process of university town adding that within the five years, the choice will rest with the owners of the property to opt for the commercialization or residential purpose. The plan was also approved by the cabinet. Regarding the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Provincial Buildings Management 2017, the cabinet decided the merit based transparent allotment of residential accommodation to the entitled government servants. The Chief Secretary would however decide the hardship cases and the grave security threat related cases for the allotment of houses. The cabinet directed to find out a redressal system so that the government servants should stay away from litigation/grant of stay from the courts. The cabinet agreed to the overall plan with minor changes for allotment of residential accommodation, rent out of government property and the action if damages caused to the government buildings. The cabinet also in principle agreed to the five tiers formula for the Lecturers and Professors of the higher education and some other fringe benefits including the BS classes allowance. The provincial government would work out the modalities which would be presented at the proper forum for finalization and then would be implemented. The cabinet cleared Zahid Yousaf and Barrister Qasim Wadood for the appointment as Additional Advocate General to strengthen the government legal team for properly leading the government’s cases in the upper courts. The cabinet also agreed to the release of funds for the ADP funded projects required for the provision of equipments in order to make these projects fully functional. The cabinet also Okayed the amendment in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Sugarcane and Sugar – Beet Development Cess Rules 2015 making the Chairman DDAC of the respective district as member of the committee. The cabinet also agreed to the equal distribution of resources of District Karak budget linking it to the guidelines of the P&D department. There would be no en-block allocation, no disparity and justifiable schemes with the P&D guidelines. The cabinet reconstituted the committee for the Bannu Sugar Mills. The Chief Secretary would head the committee. The Minister Law and Minister Revenue would be the members of the committee to submit recommendations for the legal way out. ===========