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The Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pervez Khattak has said we reached a point to go for introspection to identify our backwardness and the reason behind the development of other nations.

The Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pervez Khattak has said we reached a point to go for introspection to identify our backwardness and the reason behind the development of other nations. Our system of education is by all standards no system therefore the people and the whole of this society including the politicians and the rulers must be accountable and answerable for the existing system of education which leads to nowhere. He said it was unfortunately the rulers looked after their interests subordinating the national interest to their own. They politicized institutions and only protected their own interest adding that it was the collective responsibility including of the teachers and professors to educate kids but more agonizing is the reality that the rulers in the past kept on meddling into the system of education making transfers and postings of teachers, he added. The government needed to be out there for facilitation of teachers improving the conditions and environment of schools, he added. He said the PTI government made education as its obligations to improve the environment inside the educational institutions and simultaneously improved the overall working condition for the teachers that made a big difference. The present educational environment was far better than the past, he added. These remarks, Pervez Khattak made while addressing the laptop distribution ceremony amongst the toppers of different schools at Nishtar Hall Peshawar. District Nazim also addressed the gathering and paid tribute to the Chief Minister for the revamping of the system of education in the province. Chief Minister said his government enforced educational emergency in the province and gave a uniform syllabus, it provided all missing facilities, ensured presence of teachers and recruited 40 thousands teachers through NTS on merit. These efforts are seen as the silent revolution in the province for a new deliverable education system. It was not the end but the beginning that he started revamping all the public sector institutions and reminded the audience that his government would continue welcoming constructive criticism. The opposition to the otherwise corrective measures of his government should compare the present state of education in the province with that of the past, he added. Pervez Khattak kept on saying that education will continue to be his government priority because it can lead to abridge the gap between the rich and poor. His government concentrated on improved education facility in schools, colleges and universities and his government’s efforts had already started yielding desired results. The politicians and the rulers must understand that the transfer of teachers was a dis-service to the cause of education. It polluted the educational environment but also out-focused the attention from the future of our coming generation. We have to admit our blunders and should work to rectify the situation otherwise the youth would have no other option but to go abroad for education and the country would bear the brunt of a visible brain drain. If we corrected our mistakes, our youth would prove their worth in our country and our future could be secured, he added. Talking about the state’s responsibility for quality education, the Chief Minister said undisputedly the state must provide education, it should be a state concern and state regulated selecting individuals for imparting quality education enabling them to face the future challenges of the country and ensure prosperity of the future generation. This was the main reason that he kept on focusing on education after coming into power. It went for educational emergency, uniform system of education and taking all the steps for the quality education so that it could become the launching pad for the future development. He also reminded the collective responsibility of the society for quality education. Unfortunately, all our institutions were in total disarray in the past and education was no exception. The class education system, the absence of justice, the economic equality, the violation of merit, created the sense of deprivation leading to the overall societal degradation and increasing the crime graph and extreme tendencies in the society. His government worked on education as it was education that built nations and decide their future. “Our religion enjoins upon the Muslims to get education” and that was what his government persuaded the youth for quality education. His government increased the budgeting for the education and recruited 40 thousands teachers through NTS in a transparent and merit based approach. His government also solarized 80 % schools and now loadsheding would not disrupt the gaining of education. Education, he added is the proven yardstick to provide equal opportunities to all and it discourages discrimination. English education was made compulsory right from the beginning and the teachers were trained to teach English to the kids in government schools, he added. Chief Minister said his government de-politicized the system of education and awarded the teachers for the first time in the history of the province for good results. His government also started giving laptops to the outstanding students and the process would continue, however, he wished to give every student a laptop if the provincial resources permitted. ========