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CM KP has directed for a comprehensive design spelling out the actual power, authority, responsibility and the future moving to achieve the targets in the local governance system.

Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pervez Khattak has directed for a comprehensive design spelling out the actual power, authority, responsibility and the future moving to achieve the targets in the local governance system. The government wanted the local government system to be absolutely functional reducing its dependency on other tiers of governance. He wanted this system to be a model governance system with its true essence as introduced by the PTI government. He was presiding over 5th stock take meeting of local government sector at Chief Minister Secretariat Peshawar. The meeting thoroughly debated the initiatives undertaken for the strengthening and independent local government system in the province. It also debated different enactments, the needs and requirements of the local government system, the unnecessary regulatory framework curtailing its independence, inter-government coordination support, the actual releases and the spending ratio, execution of different schemes and the implementation status of these schemes. Administrative secretaries of Local Govt: Syed Jamaluddin Shah, Secretary Finance Shakeel Qadir and Head of SSU, Sahibzada Saeed, Additional Secretary Local Govt: Director General Local Govt: Secretary Local Council Board and concerned officials attended the meeting. Addressing the participants, the Chief Minister directed to propose amendments for the definition of government at the cabinet committee level for onward submission to the provincial cabinet for a cohesive decision making in order to smoothen the developmental strategy and the execution of schemes and the administrative authority for deciding payments to the contractors and other developmental and non developmental expenditure. It is a matter of spending public money and the government is responsible for its transparent utilization so that the fruit of development process should reach everybody. He also directed to ensure that the released resources were spent inconsonance with the people aspirations and there should be no compromise on the quality insurance. Pervez Khattak directed for the effective field visit to monitor the implementation process on different developmental schemes in different departments. Regarding the strengthening of district finance and planning unit, the Chief Minister directed to prepare a well structured case indicating the role of different monitoring, executing, administering and auditing functions. A proposal covering all legal aspects for the administrative control and other cross functions should reach him in order to make a realistic decision under the 18th amendment. The role and responsibilities at district level should be spelt out legally and then the government would make a lawful decision. Chief Minister agreed to the proposal for internal government devolution support committee adding that the budgetary releases and the schedule should be streamlined to a conditioned for further releasing to other new developmental schemes matching the capacity of the spending body in a given district. He asked to gather a coherent picture of the spending and utilization status but these figures should be authenticated. He also agreed to the proposal for rationalizing the role of ADLG for the new schemes but would continue with the ongoing schemes. However, the responsibility for new schemes at local level should be determined as well. The public money should be spent for the public wellbeing. He directed against any irritant and obstructions in the execution and implementation phases of developmental strategy. Pervez Khattak asked to send him a summary for the introduction of internal audit mechanism at the lowest tiers of governance. The summary should be shaped up covering all legal determinants required for the internal audit mechanism. He agreed to the incentives and reward for the TMA for their efficient performance in raising the resources. A similar case for the revenue authority has already been moved. The Chief Minister agreed to club both the cases and send him a summary in order to give a uniform incentive package to both the bodies. The participants were briefed about the online auction of Tehsil municipal administration that would also be advertised in the press but the bidding would be online and the first auction in October. The Chief Minister directed to finalize the enforcement of district public safety commission and finalization of regional and provincial complaints committees. He also asked about the details of dumping grounds at Tehsil level for solid waste collection directing the village councils for bringing a continuous cleanliness system. There should be no duplication of schemes and all the districts should be informed in writing against it. =====