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Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pervez Khattak has said his government was unveiling the 5th annual budget on the 7th of June.

Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pervez Khattak has said his government was unveiling the 5th annual budget on the 7th of June. It is a tax free, balanced and pro poor budget. The provincial budget would be different from the budget presented by the centre as the federal government budget offered nothing for the poor but gave incentives to the elite. He was presiding over a high level consultative meeting on the provincial budgetary proposals and annual development programme at Chief Minister House Peshawar. Provincial Ministers, MPAs, Principal Secretary to CM Muhammad Israr etc attended. The Chief Minister said the provincial government would enhance the salaries and fringe benefits of the salaried class. The government would also work on the capacity building of the salaried class so that they would carry forward the agenda for empowering poor. Pervez Khattak also referred to certain steps in the context of CPEC that he added would give boom to industrialization in the province. We are working on improving the basic elements required for investment in the province. A coordination committee comprising Home, Police and P&D departments had already been constituted that would coordinate for efficient security to the investors. These efforts, he added, would enhance the security level for the investors and would also speed up economic oriented activities and creating more jobs for jobless in the province. Chief Minister also dwelt at length over the prioritization of education and health sectors followed by other social sectors adding that it indicated our tenacity to the cause of the poor. Pervez Khattak said that the forces of status quo were receiving the last blows in the battle with the forces of anti-status quo, adding his government took the power from the powerful and gave it to the poor to make their own decisions. The empowerment of poor has sent an alarm bell to the elite class, he added. The meeting had a detailed review of the ADP and approved the developmental sketch of the schemes. The meeting approved 58 new and ongoing schemes for education including the establishment of 10 new postgraduate colleges. The Chief Minister approved transportation and two public libraries in the new developmental schemes for colleges in the province. The missing facilities in the colleges were properly taken care of in the new schemes of thing, the meeting was told. The meeting approved 30 schemes for agriculture sector development which included 17 ongoing and 13 new schemes. The Chief Minister directed to focus on agriculture sector development including conversion of tubewells to solarization. There would be 36 schemes in forest department in the new ADP. Chief Minister directed for the efficient management and development mechanism for the national parks in the province. The meeting approved the 3rd phase of the billion tree tsunami and approved 12 schemes for the food department. The meeting gave a nod to 53 schemes for the youth in sports, tourism, culture etc. The new budget would provide resources for completing Arbab Niaz Cricket Stadium on fast track. However, resources for the creation of the facilities in the Rustam Sports Complex Mardan would be gradually increased. Work on 158 sports grounds had been initiated, of them 85 were entering the completion phase. Pervez Khattak said that from the new fiscal year, his government would restart giving monthly stipend to the poets and literary figures upto 30 thousand rupees per month. The meeting approved 59 schemes for the Home, 19 schemes for Hajj and Religious affairs. The project for solarization of mosques was being shifted to energy and power department and the Energy and Power department would have 28 ongoing and 26 new schemes. In the wake of energy crisis, schemes in public health, street and road lights were being shifted to solarization. ………..