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Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pervez Khattak has said that demagogue politicians in the past ruined each and every institution

Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pervez Khattak has said that demagogue politicians in the past ruined each and every institution and promoted the culture of favoritism, loot, plunders and manipulated institutions for political and Monterey gains, politicized the whole government machinery for their vested interests. PTI with agenda of change introduced radical reforms and emerged as anti status quo force to bring back institutions on the right track, meritocracy, depoliticizing government machinery particularly Police Force, just distribution of resources was the hallmark of agenda of change. He was addressing a mammoth Public gathering at Bisham. MPA and Deputy Parliamentary leader Shaukat Yousafzai, Special Assistant to CM Abdul Haq, MPA Zar Gul Khan, Nawaz Mehmood and local leaders of PTI also addressed on the occasion. Chief Minister announced a Developmental Package of crores of rupees for this backward area neglected by past governments. Chief Minister formally inaugurated up gradation of Bisham to the status of Tehsil. He announced up-gradation of Chakesar to the status of New Tehsil and Kana Bisham to the status of Sub- Tehsil. Chief Minister also upgraded the category B Hospital to the level of Category-C Hospital, Establishment of Degree College in Bisham, construction of Jail complex, construction of bridge linking kormang-Shahtoot Road, construction of Chichlo Bridge. Chief Minister also announced up-gradation of primary schools Pirabad Barkas, Cheechloo Asharai and Achar Malik Khel Kotkay to the level of Middle Schools, Establishment of Katerai Girls Primary School, Establishment of Middle School for Sair Union Council Kooz Thana, Provision of clean drinking water schemes for Khattak Sir and rehabilitation of destructed water channel in Tangeer Bisham. Chief Minister announced provision of funds for construction of roads in Bar Gunr shaal and Kooz Bar Gunr Shaal. Chief Minister on this occasion also announced construction of Press Club in Bisham and approved graveyard for Tangeer Bisham. Chief Minister on this occasion announced to induct MPA Shaukat Yousafzai in the provincial cabinet after the coming budget. Chief Minister said that due to the anti- people policies of past government’s and corrupt politicians, people were fed up with the system and they wanted change and united under the umbrella of PTI to fight the forces of status quo. The people under the dynamic leadership of PTI Chairman Imran Khan given an opportunity to the PTI to lead the province with over whelming majority. PTI would never disappoint the masses and divert all the resources for the progress and prosperity of backward and neglected areas of the province. He termed Imran Khan as an emancipator to steer the country out of the present mess adding that KP would be made a model for good governance, meritocracy and corruption free province and this model would be replicated to the whole country if the masses given PTI a chance in the coming elections. He stressed upon the PTI workers to reach each and every person and spread the message of PTI to get rid of the forces of status quo who deceived the masses for decades. These politicians deprive the masses of their due rights. Jobs were openly sold, politicians had no credibility, bribing was the sole criteria, corruption marred each and every institution. Chief Minister said people could see a visible change if compared with past governments. We provided hundred percent doctors to the hospitals, discouraged absenteeism in hospitals and educational institutions. System itself revamped to the extent that was providing relief automatically. Prosperity and justice was impossible on country level without strengthening and right-tracking the system. He appealed to the masses to get united otherwise the gap between the rich and poor would further be widened. Chief Minister said the corrupt politicians deceived the masses on the hollow slogans of providing bread, cloth and shelter and these political dacoits shifted billions of rupees abroad. Chief Minister also criticized MMA government saying that people voted them for Islamization but they did nothing. We legislated to eliminate dowry and private practice of interest, introduced Nazira and translation of the Holy Quran in schools. He lambasted at ANP who ruined each and every institution and termed it a gang of dacoits. Meanwhile talking to various delegations of lawyers and PTI workers Chief Minister said that PTI government for the first time announced Youth Policy. Work on 80 playgrounds is in progress, half of them have already been completed. Similarly 40 more playgrounds were being constructed in schools. Similarly 30 Lakh families would be benefited from the Sehat Insaf Card. Chief Minister while talking to a delegation of lawyers said that government put the lawyers community in high esteem and announced a grant of Rs. 3 million for the District Bar Council and approved construction of a proper place for lawyers in the court premises as a Non-ADP scheme. <><><><><><><>