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Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pervez Khattak has said that PTI converted the ungovernable province into properly governed province

Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pervez Khattak has said that PTI converted the ungovernable province into properly governed province. It facilitated the smooth change that PTI promised to the people adding that it maintained strict financial discipline in the province, stopped misuse of resources, discouraged corruption and irregularities, ensured to judicious distribution of resources, upheld the rule of law and promoted merit based decision making in the province. These views he expressed while talking to different delegations of PTI workers who called on him at Chief Minister House Peshawar. The Chief Minister said that his government had a record legislation and brought reforms to install a system having inbuilt mechanism for delivery. These steps he added changed the perception of the people and they started realizing that PTI was on the right track to make the province governable as it had become ungovernable federating units because of the bad governance in the past. He said that the change of system in the province should not be seen as merely the change of guards. The legal cover would ensure consistency of the system that could not be changed by others including the influential’s. Had they tried to bring back whole system of status quo, their hands would catch fire adding that nobody would ever succeed in their desire to bring back the system of status quo. He asked the people to personally safeguard the changed system as it was a transparent and open one safeguarding the rights of the deserving. He said that it was because of this system that the brain drain has been reversed and the highly skilled and educated people are coming back to the province. He also talked about the health and education sector reforms and the increased salaries and up-gradation of posts adding that these steps were necessary for improved delivery system in order to give relief to the people. Pervez Khattak reminded that making reforms and legislations was an uphill task. He took it as challenge and brought it about that ensured the strengthening of institutions, the efficient, transparent and just use of resources for the public welfare. He drew a comparison between the performance of his government and the performance of previous governments and added that the province was more better off today than before. PTI started a new history of the province. It introduced a people friendly style of governance, devolved resources at local level through the local government system and empowered the local government system to plan their own development strategy. The local council system and its elected representatives should understand the power and resources it got and use their authority for the public welfare, he added. Chief Minister reminded the elected representatives to properly understand what the change is and what it brought along. He said his government adhered to its manifesto and properly implemented the change. He called upon the PTI workers to demonstrate their unity, overcome their organizational weaknesses at local level so that they could reorganize the people against the social evils and raise their level of awareness about their rights and responsibility in the society. He said that change should be taken as permanent process and the people at grass root level should be prepared for the change. <><><><><><><><>