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Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pervez Khattak has asked the Federal Government to honor its promise of raise in the provincial share in Gas Infrastructure Development Surcharge

Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pervez Khattak has asked the Federal Government to honor its promise of raise in the provincial share in Gas Infrastructure Development Surcharge (GIDS) made by Federal Minister for Petroleum and Natural Resources. “It has become inevitable to protect legal and constitutional rights of province under Article 5 of the Constitution”, he added saying the Federal Government must honor its commitment well in time. He recalled that Provincial Government is providing 10 % of oil and gas royalty to the oil and gas producing districts which is over and above the funds provided through Annual Development Program. He was chairing a meeting regarding law and order in backdrop of the grievances and complaints of the people of Karak and Hangu. The meeting was attended by Secretary Home, Inspector General of Police, Commissioner Kohat, Deputy Inspector General (Operation), Deputy Inspector General Kohat, Deputy Commissioner Karak, Deputy Commissioner Kohat, General Manger Sui Northern Gas Pipe Lines (SNGPL) and other officers. In the meeting, detailed discussion was made on development schemes of oil and gas in Karak and Kohat, provision of resources, maintaining law and order and other related matters. Pervez Khattak while stressing the need of providing natural gas to the local population in southern districts, added that by ensuring first preferential right of the local population in locally produced resources leads to maintaining peace, harmony and equitable development. While stressing peaceful resolution of law and order problem with mutual understanding of the locals, he added that law and order situation must not be deteriorated at any cost. “When people’s rights are ascertained, the problem will automatically stand resolved”, he added. Chief Minister emphasized that Federal Government should ensure just rights for development of infrastructure and welfare of the people in oil and gas producing areas. He asked for increase in the provincial share in Gas Infrastructure Development Cess. Pervez Khattak observed that production of oil and gas would play important role in eradication of backwardness. “With the production of oil and gas, the resources of provincial government will increase which will help in the accelerated development of the area”, he maintained. Chief Minister said that the local people are justified in demanding the use of gas, and consequent complaint to Federal Government against non-provision of it. However, he said dialogue is the best way for resolution of problems. SNGPL should take such steps at the earliest to initiate process of dialogue he added. He said local elders must be included in the dialogue, and lasting solution might be found for addressing the problem. Pervez Khattak also reviewed the steps for setting up force, and fool proof security measures for implementation of CPEC projects. He added that Federal and Provincial Governments have some separate and certain joint responsibilities and both should sincerely discharge their responsibilities in larger interest of the public. He said ensuring just rights of the people, public welfare and development are our common responsibilities and it is necessary to do justice with the associated responsibilities. He said that Federal government had committed increase in the provincial share of GIDC in a high level meeting. Hence it is necessary to fulfill that promise as soon as possible. In this regard there was an explicit decision that Federal Government will increase the provincial share in GIDC, he concluded. ==========