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Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pervez Khattak presided over a number of high level meetings and presentation at Chief Minister House Peshawar

Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pervez Khattak presided over a number of high level meetings and presentation at Chief Minister House Peshawar. Chairman PTI Imran Khan also attended. The meetings focused on Mega Projects including Rapid Bus Transit, Safe City Project, WSSP, Rescue, 1122. The meeting took for debate issues relating to ethnic profiling of Pashtoon community by Punjab government, Panama issue and Reforms agenda of provincial government. Provincial Ministers, PTI MPAs, Chief Secretary, Additional Chief Secretary and Administrative Secretaries were also present on the occasion. Chief Minister apprised Chairman PTI about Reforms agenda, the government prioritization of different areas of public interest, utility and importance of Mega projects for the public welfare. Chairman PTI Imran Khan appreciated Chief Minister KP for good governance, revamping the public sector institutions and the system of governance and effectively implementing reforms agenda sketched out by the Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf saying that PTI government laid the foundation for a prosperous Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Imran Khan was highly appreciative of the leadership qualities of Mr. Khattak who made KP a unique in tackling the governance related issues in the province adding that the openness of governance, elimination of corruption, provision of justice and merit based decision making made the province a role model in the region. “Chief Minister and his team deserve appreciation for his absolute transparency, elimination of corruption and upholding the supremacy of rule of law. Chairman PTI remarked. In another meeting regarding the Rapid Bus Transit, the participants were briefed about the project adding that it was going to be the first ever unique golden standard 3rd generation project in the sub-continent ensuring better transportation facilities to the masses benefitting 4 lac 80 Thousand passengers through linkages of eight routes having a unique design. The project was the biggest every project of the country as compared to other such projects and it would be a project where its integrating routes would be used by nine meter long coaches and its main artery would provide spacing for Twelve meter long buses to ply on and this project would be part of the overall beautification plan of the provincial metropolis. The participants were briefed that commercial Plaza’s under the projects would be a source of perennial revenue generation making the project a unique one as a self sustaining project unparallel of its nature. The project would also have a separate lane for pedestrians and bicycles riders etc. Chief Minister directed the concerned authorities to expedite the plan for shifting of bus stands from Peshawar city to main Chamkani terminal where the commuters would go out and take their buses for their destination. Imran Khan stressed for a comprehensive traffic diversion plan once the project goes into the implementation phase adding the up-gradation of existing roads network to be used for diversion should be taken care of. Chief Minister told that work on up-gradation of some of the seven routes had already been carried out in order to ensure traffic diversion during the phase of implementation on this mega project adding that timelines have already been given for completion of the project on fast track. The first package started from Chamkani to Qila Bala Hisar, the 2nd to Aman Chowk and the third one ended at Hayatabad. Tenders for all the three packages of the project will be floated by 30th of April. First two packages would be tendered on April 15th and the 3rd package by 30th of April. Project Evaluation would be carried out in eight days and mobilization in 15 days. The implementing agencies have been directed to ensure completion of reconstruction of service roads and relocation of utilities. Different pockets as identified under the project would be constructed for parking and other identified services having relevant facilities. Best options have been chosen in the larger public interest. The internal Peshawar city routes being constructed and pavement of streets would be an efficient solution to all the traffic congestions. The internal routes would be declared one ways. The entire project will stand completed by January 2018 that will shape up the entire Peshawar city as one of the beautiful cities of the world. He said that his government has already constituted a transport committee for the project adding that rapid bus transit was one of the mega projects carried out for the Peshawar city that will give one solution to all the traffic hazards of Peshawar city and would create 5000 job opportunities. Imran Khan appreciated the overall design and plan of the project. He said “It seems that the project was of an important nature that would give one solution to all the traffic problems in Peshawar and it would add to the overall beauty of Peshawar” he asked for similar activities including the additional facilities in the project so that the project becomes a multi purposes one giving solution to all allied problems including commuting, transportation etc. The provincial government he added, needed to indicate the advantages, the project had and drew a comparison of this project with other similar projects throughout the country. He told the participants to tell the people about the utility of the project and also inform the people about the benefits including the commercial activities the project would bring about for the people. Regarding WSSP, the Chief Minister said, that he had already drew a set of principle guidelines for the waste disposal and management adding his government wanted to outsource dumping, waste management etc so that we should have a permanent system of cleanliness in the province. Chief Minister regarding Rescue 1122 informed the meeting that it was being extended to whole of the province through phase wise program. <><><><><><><><><><>