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Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pervez Khattak on Wednesday slammed previous provincial governments in the province for backwardness, corruption and destruction of institutions.

Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pervez Khattak on Wednesday slammed previous provincial governments in the province for backwardness, corruption and destruction of institutions. Addressing the people gathered at the inaugural ceremony of Canal Road in Charsadda, he said the political parties took vote sometimes in the name of religion and sometime in the name of Pakhtun but kept the people deprived of even their basic rights, he deplored. He also regretted that certain politicians and their lackeys entered to plea bargain with the NAB, paid Rs.25 crores and still out their making a victory sign. They are not ashamed of their misdeeds and open corruption during their stay in power. He said PTI came to power in the name of change and took various measures for transparency, merit and justice besides elimination of corruption, adding that today KP police is role model for rest of the country. He said the political interference in affairs of government departments, corruption and nepotism during the period of previous regimes totally destroyed the government institutions besides tarnishing image of Pakhtuns. He said the PTI government soon after coming to power took measures for transparency, merit and good governance in the province and eliminated corruption from government institutions. The CM Khattak said that PTI's provincial government gave a system to KP and stopped the political interference in affairs of government institutions especially police force due to which he said KP police emerged as a professional and role model force of the country. He said KP government made Quranic teaching with Urdu translation mandatory in schools, thus stopping the way of those politicians who were using the name of religion just for their ulterior motives. CM said that the system of usury was also eliminated from the society and curbed the exploitation of poor people. He said reforms in KP police system made the force professional and improved its' overall performance and regained public trust also. The KP Chief Minister said that PTI has introduced such a system in the province that will not allow coming governments to even think of corruption or nepotism in the society. He said the change in KP would not be visible to those who were corrupt by themselves rather it is being felt by poor people. He said PTI chief Imran Khan kept on asking to make KP people free from corrupt elements and system on permanent basis and providing rights to youth and deserving. Referring to the CPEC as game changer for the province, the Chief Minister said that a new era of development has begun in the province adding Western route became an integral of the CPEC and that was of paramount importance that would increase the trading and industrial activities in the province. Gilgit, Chitral-Chakdara has become alternate route of CPEC and this region is about to open to the world integrating the whole region through to the central Asian Republic. He said this route would strengthen trade activities with Afghanistan, through Wakhan and to the entire central Asia and other adjacent countries. Agreement has been signed with China for the construction of industrial zone at Jalozai Motorway over four thousand kanal of lands. China has also expressed the desire to invest in Rashakai industrial estate and relocation of labor intensive industries. He said his government was about to hold the road show by end of March this year in Beijing where we will market our hydropower potential, minerals, tourism, agriculture and other sectors. We are expecting 30 billion rupees investment in the KP in the foreseeable future. The Chief Minister said that in Peshawar we have three CPEC projects. Practical work on Rs40bn Rapid Bus Transit project will start in May this year. The traffic system will be integrated through eight routes from Chamkani to Hayatabad as 380 buses would play on this route. An international Bus Terminal is being constructed in Chamkani over 900 kanal of land to address the transport related problems of Peshawar city. All the bus stands would be shifted to the main terminal. CPEC tower would be established in place of the bus stand to be vacated. Referring to the provincial rights the Chief Minister said he logically fought the provincial rights and succeeded to enhance the net hydel profit from 6 billion Rupees to 18 billion Rupees annually. The previous government failed on this front and the outstanding amount of Rs.99 billion was payable to the province in four equal installments out of which we got first installment and the rest would be paid to the province. However under the AGN Qazi Formula we would continue fighting our case to bring it to the logical conclusion. He said he also got the Chasma lift irrigation scheme, a project of Rs.120 billion for the province. The province would pay a share of 35% and 65% share would be borne by the federal government. His government also succeeded to get its share of surplus gas that would be used for producing electricity to be extended to the industrial zones on concessional rates. The Chief Minister announced a developmental package for district charsadda that included the up-gradation of existing district hospital to A Category with all specialty and services. He also announced a cricket ground and an international Park, Rs.15 Crores for the digital library of the college, Rs.5 Crore for roads etc, 3 crores for electricity etc and sanctioning Rescue 1122 and other developmental schemes. He also inaugurated the Abdul Wali Khan Sports Complex Charsadda. He also administered oath to the newly elected office bearer of trade union Charsadda. <><><><><><>