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Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pervez Khattak said PTI government relived the hapless people from the clutches of corrupt mafia.

Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pervez Khattak said PTI government relived the hapless people from the clutches of corrupt mafia. The past of the province was replete with the stories of corruption, loot and plunder adding that ANP and PML(N) were the two sides of the same coin because both kept the people deceiving. He was addressing a Jirga of elders of Manki Sharif and addressing a reception at Pashtoon Garhi during his day long visit to Nowshera. District Nazim Nowshera, Liaqat Khattak, MNA Dr. Imran Khattak and others addressed at the occasion. The Chief Minister said that ANP and PML(N) always deluded the poor and certain brand of religio-political party used islamization and therefore deceived the people. He said that the political leaderships had an undeniable role in bringing the country to the current bane. He lamented that politicians used everything to do politics and politicization of public sector entities was no exception. Pervez Khattak said that the revamped system that his government introduced had a certain targets that included ensuring public accessibility to the facilities, ensuring the right of deserving, merit based decision making and following the agenda of public welfare. He said that the era of loot and plunder was over and an era of prosperity and development of the people had been started. This, he said, eliminated the political leaderships from the political arena politically. He said that the reforms had provided a base for a strong and durable system free from corruption and only accountable to the public for the public welfare. He said change is visible but only for those who had seen the efficient services in schools, hospitals, Patwar system and social sectors through revamped system. The Chief Minister said that his government made legislations making Nazra and Quran compulsory in schools throughout the province. It banished the usury and it also eliminated the previous trends of using the power and authority for self interest by the ruling elites. Pervez Khattak said that the revamped system had no space for political interference because these institutions were autonomous and were made accountable to serve the cause of the people. Nobody can use these institutions for their own interest, he added. He said that there was total elimination of commission even the system that he revamped could not be corrupted by individuals how powerful and influential they might be. He said that the difference between his government and the previous was very much conspicuous whether one talked about the quality of work, the efficiency of public sector institutions and the sincerity of the rulers. The Chief Minister said that the poor had a right and stake in this country and his government would encouraged the able and efficient peoples and this is what the system would itself give them space to come forward. He was optimistic that on the basis of his government performance, PTI would stage a comeback. He lamented the previous government did not release even a single penny to Qazi Hussain Ahmad Hospital during their five years stay in power but his government completed the Qazi Hussain Ahmad mission. Pervez Khattak said that the provincial government was using the resources on human development under the vision of Imran Khan adding that after the mandatory teaching of Islam in Schools, we would equip our youth with the Deni Uloom. Even he had a meeting with the Ulma Board and asked them to give him their recommendations for further improvement in the syllabus in the schools. He said that his government efforts resulted into the marginalization of so called political figures adding that the people voted PTI to power for the change of system because the exploitative system did not deliver in the past. He also talked about Insaf Sehat Card adding that under it the marginalized segment of the society specially the poor would get a free health treatment from 3 lakh to 5 lakh. He also threw lights on his government agenda for the public, revamping the institutions, the transfer of resources to the district government system and called upon the people to learn from their past mistakes and invite other peoples to join them in the struggle for a durable change in the society. He assured he would continue to struggle for the accomplishment of his mission for the public service. <><><><><>