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Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pervez Khattak has said that education and social sector reforms

Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pervez Khattak has said that education and social sector reforms including efficient services to the people eliminating corruption, upholding law and merit were the mega projects. Construction of roads and bridges would never resolve the problems of the people. His government wanted to fine tune the system making it subservient to the will of the people. Revamping the system was the major issue of this country and therefore everybody should understood and change their attitude in this regard, he added. He was addressing the mediamen after formally inaugurating the ICU and library at Lady Readin Hospital Peshawar. Provincial Minister for Health Shahram Tarakai, MPA Shaukat Yousafzai and others also accompanied the Chief Minister. Responding to a question regarding the mega project, the Chief Minister said that re-tracking the system having inbuilt mechanism for the service delivery was the real mega project of this country. Changing the corrupt system with a transparent one was more needed today than before. He said when he took over it was an uphill task to fine tune the system. Other works and projects are never resisted but the changing of the corrupt system with a transparent one really face resistance because the corrupt elements draw their strength from the corrupt system and therefore the entire efforts were resisted. He said it was a firm commitment with the people right from day one that the PTI government would make the system to deliver. Provision of justice and protecting the rights of the masses were really gigantic projects that his government accepted to undertake. He said this government wanted a transparent governance, eliminating loot and plunder and therefore the people have to change their attitude and support the process for reformation. He attributed the progress, development and prosperity of developed nations to the transparent system of governance adding that transparency was the big difference between the developed and under develop nations. Pervez Khattak said his government completed Peshawar flyover in a record time with a reasonable cost and another Rs.40 billion Swat Motorway project was being completed by the provincial government out of its own resources. He said that rapid bus transit from Chamkani to Hayatabad was round the corner. He called upon the people to compare his government performance with the past rulers and draw their own conclusion and added that it would indicate the difference. He said it was our country and therefore should be taken ahead with collective efforts. Chief Minister regarding the health reforms added his government introduced reforms for the efficient healthcare to the poor. Sehat Insaf Card is pro poor initiative extending free healthcare to 18 lakh families up to the limit of Rs.5 Lakh 46 Thousand annually. He appreciated the services provided by Lady Reading Hospital and the services providers in the institution adding that these services were performed against heavy odds. We should not ignore the weaknesses but we should have the courage to appreciate the good for encouraging the institution. We needed to change our attitudes adding that nurses were being trained on these lines to treat the patients with better attitude adding that all these dimensions were interlink to each other. He appreciated Minister Health and administration of the hospital for completing the project within a short period of time. He appreciated the services of illyas Bilour for the ICU and advised for renaming the ICU after the name of Bilour family member. <><><><><><><>