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Surprise visit to the Ghor Ghathri Tehsil Heritage Trail

Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pervez Khattak had a surprise visit to the Ghor Ghathri Tehsil Heritage Trail and expressed anguish over the debris and other evacuated heaps of old construction materials at different spots in the heritage trail route and directed the Deputy Commissioner Peshawar to immediately ensure that the contractor and others responsible for the removal of debris and other evacuated old construction materials from the site of heritage trail. Provincial Minister for Environment Ishtiaq Urmarh and MPA Shaukat Yousafzai also accompanied the Chief Minister during his surprise visit. The Chief Minister on arrival to the site of heritage trail, inspected the construction and renovation work of the old historic city’s buildings and directed for accelerated work for the timely completion of the beauty and revival of old historic city’s buildings. The provincial government was spending over a billion of rupees on the restoration work that included the renovation of old buildings, the construction work including the road. Pervez Khattak during his surprise visit talked to the locals adding that the provincial government wanted the historic city’s Peshawar beautification in order to revive the grandeur of Peshawar. He directed that he wanted a clean Peshawar. Different schemes for the reconstruction of internal routes in the city and the linking roads have been approved, necessary funding released and construction work was going on. He said he was aware of the hardships, the locals had to face because of the developmental schemes. However, he called upon the people to bear out the short term hardships for the long term benefits that the developmental activities would bring along. Chief Minister assured the locals that the provincial government had already approved compensation for the local shopkeepers affected by the reconstruction and renovation work. The compensation would soon be given to the affected shopkeepers. He assured zero level tolerance and compromise on the quality construction and renovation of the heritage trail developmental plan. The ultimate goal would stay to be the conservation and revival of old city’s ascension bringing it to the stage of old Peshawar city known to be a historic one and one of the beautiful cities of the country. Pervez Khattak also took notice of the uncovered Gulbahar drain system and directed the quarter concerned to immediately improve the drain system.